Last week we saw a big spike in demand for True Dracos, coming off thedeck's massive performance at YCS Salt Lake City. Cards like Terraformingand Amano-Iwato were huge. But those trends subsided over the weekend, asreactions to the YCS died down, and demand for Pendulum Magician cardsappeared to Rebound.

Beyond that, the reveal of a new Weekly JUMP promo in the OCG created a tonof discussion, while staple Link Monsters and standby hand traps continuedto be top sellers. The reprint and preview cards fromExtreme Force Special Edition have barely slowed down as well,with demand for Called by the Grave once again trumping everything else inthe TCGplayer Marketplace.

Speaking of the TCGplayer Marketplace, the TCGplayer App is finallyYu-Gi-Oh ready! While the app's a great portal to the TCGplayerMarketplace, it's also an incredible tool to catalogue and price yourcollection. You can scan your cards to build a record of your collectionand instantly pull pricing. If you've ever considered a trade but weren'tsure about up-to-the-minute prices on everything, one scan can get you allthe facts you need.

And when I say "one scan," I mean it. One of the coolest things about theTCGplayer App is that you can scan multiple cards all at once, even if someof them are sideways or facing different directions. You can scan an entirebinder page by page, or crack a pack and scan everything you open. The Appworks best with direct lighting and a contrasting background – try not toscan your Synchros on a white table – but once you get the hang of it, it'sridiculously fast.

I own a ton of obscure Ultimate Rares, Secret Rares, and old promos, so Iran them through the TCGplayer App on my iPhone and found a bunch of cards I didn't realize were valuable. And with the export tool, you can createlists of your scan sessions and even include pricing info. You can open abox of cards, scan them, and then export a record of everything you justopened. That makes it really easy to put together trade lists for groupsand forums, or just see how you did on your pulls.

The TCGplayer App's a game changer for traders and collectors. But on thatnote, let's see what changed in the game this week, in the TCGplayerMarketplace.

#10: Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm

The push for True Draco cards and Altergeists last week knocked SupremeKing Dragon Darkwurm out of the Top 10, but its return to the Number 10position might say something about the continued interest in PendulumMagicians. Even though that deck was shut out of the Top 8 entirely, itseems as if a lot of players are continuing to migrate to the strategy,perhaps partly due to the rising success of Dark variants runningRank-Up-Magic Argent Chaose Force for Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL.

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#9: Proxy Dragon

Proxy Dragon was Number 9 on the countdown last Monday as well, though itfell from the Top 10 over the course of the week. There are lots ofdifferent decks playing it, but again, the rising demand for it may beanother indicator of recovering interest in Pendulum Magicians, where it'stremendously common.

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#8: Effect Veiler

Down from Number 4 last week, Effect Veiler's proven to be one of the mostpopular hand traps of the format, even if that's largely a factor ofaccessibility: the budget alternative of choice for players who can't gettheir hands on Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Veiler's still much easierto pick up than Droll & Lock Bird, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit,PSY-Framegear Gamma, and Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries. And as we'vementioned before, it sees play alongside those cards as well, sometimeseven right along with Ash Blossom.

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#7: Zefra Metaltron

New to the Top 10, Zefra Metaltron's a staple in Pendulum Magicians as wellas actual Zefra strategies.Zefras made a repeat Top 32 appearance at YCS Salt Lake City courtesyof Akeem Abrahim, but Zefras are still so rare in competition that you to think this islargely a sign of interest in Magicians… and maybe a dash of interest in anupcoming release we'll talk about in a moment.

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#6: Overtex Qoatlus

Dinosaurs have been competitive all format long thanks to this card, and aTop 4 finish at YCS Salt Lake City has definitely raised the deck's stock.Overtex Qoatlus has proven to be a versatile search card and a formidablecontrol monster rolled into one, giving a range of Dinosaur decks theflexibility and consistency Dinosaurs needed to finally break through atthe Championship level. Qoatlus is one of the most popular cards fromExtreme Force, and it's no surprise to see it in the Top 10 onceagain.

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#5: Instant Fusion

Demand for Instant Fusion was massive over the weekend, thanks to thereveal ofRelinquished Animain the OCG. A Link-1 Monster that requires a Level 1 non-token as its LinkMaterial, Anima sucks up a monster it points to once per turn and takes itsattack points. The obvious play there is to Instant Fusion forThousand-Eyes Restrict, suck up an opposing monster, use it to Link SummonRelinquished Anima, and then suck up another one.

The field-clearing potential combined with fan-driven hype and perpetualbackground demand to push Instant Fusion right to Number 5 for the weekend.That demand will likely die down, but Instant Fusion's always bouncing onand off the Top 10 list depending on how much competitive potential peoplesee in it week to week, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it back soon.Relinquished Animahas no scheduled release date here in the TCG, but it releases April 23rdas a Weekly JUMP promo in Japan.


#4: Underclock Taker

Down from Number 2 on Friday, Underclock Taker remains one of the biggestselling cards of the format. There are a limited number of relevantLink-2's in competition, and Underclock Taker's an exceptionally powerfuloption thanks to its ATK-stealing ability and approachable price. As ahumble common it's still available for less than a quarter, and it'lllikely remain that way until it gets a foil promo release.

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#3: PSY-Framegear Gamma

Up from Number 7 on Friday, PSY-Framegear Gamma continues to be the singlemost popular hand trap in the TCGplayer Marketplace off its reprinting inExtreme Force Special Edition. While it was hanging tight at the$3-$4 mark for ages, you're now starting to find copies listed for $2 orless and the card's downward Price Trend suggests that might become the newnorm.

A lot of players are opening Special Editions just to get at Called by theGrave – at least when they can find sealed Special Editions in the firstplace. And while lots of players need their copies of Called, extra Gammasare getting flipped to help offset part of the cost of the endeavor.Gamma's seeing more play now thanks to its reprint, but the supply'scatching up with the demand due to the sheer volume ofExtreme Force Special Editionsbeing opened.


#2: Pot of Desires

Pot of Desires is sort of the high water mark for judging demand in theTCGplayer Marketplace, reliably selling to the Number 1 position when bigtrends aren't around to knock it off its throne. And while it beateverything else in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week, it was bested onceagain by a usurper spell card.

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#1: Called by the Grave

Yes, demand for Called by the Grave stayed incredibly high through yetanother weekend, remaining at its roughly five dollar price point. While itonly featured in two of the Top 32 lists we've archived from YCS Salt LakeCity,one of those decks was the winning True Draco build played by Leo Anaya, and that made Called by the Grave a must-have.

As a hybrid D.D. Crow and Effect Veiler that can chain to opposing spelland trap removal, Called by the Grave has a wealth of uses and nowhere togo but up. Deck lists from Regional Qualifiers this weekend have been slowto arrive, but it'll be really interesting to see where and if Called bythe Grave made Top Cut finishes.

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Looking beyond the Top 10, there were a ton of speculative bets placed on awealth of older cards: stuff like Barrel Dragon, Masked HERO Divine Wind,Masked HERO Koga, Rainbow Dragon, and Blast Sphere were bought up in drovesby small groups of buyers. Sales of Geargiano Mk-III and Cyber Repair Plantwere bolstered by anticipation for the newCybernetic Horizonbooster in July, and Dragunity fans turned their attention to DragunityPrimus Pilus as more new Dragunity cards were revealed in the OCG.

That's it for the weekend, but we'll be bringing you deck lists fromRegional Qualifiers in Phoenix, Louisville, Garden City, Fargo, and Seattleas they emerge.Stay tuned to the Deck Archive this week for those deck lists, and more from around the world!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer