Welcome back to another Market Watch, where we show you the Top 10bestselling cards of the week.

With the possibility of a new F&L List approaching on November 20th, most competitive bestsellers this week were splashable cardswith broad match-up utility. But with Zombie Horde fresh offrelease on Friday there was big interest in new zombies andtournament-level reprints, and we saw a resurgence of demand for Ritualsupport.

There are seven Regional Qualifiers in North America this weekend; fromthere all bets are off moving into YCS Pasadena, and the hope of a newformat in the days that follow. The landscape isn't complicated and there'snot much to say, so let's dive straight into the Top 10.

Compiling numbers from over a thousand active Yu-Gi-Oh! sellers, these werethe top cards from Monday to Friday by sheer number of cards sold.

#10: Impcantation Penciplume

Impcantations were big this week once again, taking two slots in thecountdown at Number 10 and Number 9. Impcantation Penciplume was back, asRitual Summoning continues to be a fan-favorite mechanic outside oftournament competition. Penciplume's been a popular pick since it droppedin Soul Fusion three weeks ago, and its return to the Top 10 isn'tsurprising.

#####CARDID= 24373 #####

#9: Impcantation Talismandra

A bit more unexpected, one of the Cybernetic Horizon Impcantationsreappeared with a full head of steam this week as duelists bought upImpcantation Talismandra in droves. With some segment of the player basefeeling discouraged from tournament play while Firewall Dragon goesunchecked, it's possible some duelists are backtracking to discover more ofthe fun stuff from recent releases.

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#8: Anti-Spell Fragrance

Coming off a long-awaited mass reprint inStructure Deck Zombie Horde, Anti-Spell Fragrance has never beenmore affordable. And while it hasn't seen much play this format, it's aperennially useful card that seems to appear in tournament competition moreoften than not over the long term. While the Ultra Rare printing inBattles of Legend: Light's Revenge did a lot to make Anti-SpellFragrance more approachable, the new common halves that price yet again,dropping the cost of entry to about a buck a pop. It's just too good topass up if you didn't have your playset.


#7: Danger! Dogman!

Key cards for the Firewall FTK saw huge sales over the past weeks, but thedeck's momentum is clearly slowing down as November 20th nears.Danger! Dogman! Was the only remaining trace of the strategy minus somelast minute speculation on Danger! Mothman!. That card moved in largenumbers to a very small number of buyers, suggesting it was vendorsstocking up in case November 20th fails to deliver a solution tothe FTK problem.

#####CARDID= 24435 #####

#6: Called by the Grave

Meanwhile Called by the Grave continues to be a standard two-of in most TopCuts from both Regionals and YCS events, and that drove strong demand asthe format shakes out, and the must-run status of Called by the Grave isonce again recognized.

Called by the Grave may turn out to be the single bestselling card of 2018,so it's only natural to see it Rebound back into the Top 10. With a rangeof impacts that starts with protecting you from hand traps and goes on fromthere it's still just one of the best cards in the game.

#####CARDID= 23431 #####

#5: Doomking Balerdroch

A top pick from the new offerings in Zombie Horde, DoomkingBalerdroch's a recursive beatstick that returns from the grave for freeevery turn, so long as somebody – anybody – controls a face-up Field Spell.With 2800 ATK it can banish a monster from the field or graveyard when youactivate another Zombie effect, or it can negate that Zombie's effectinstead. That means once per turn you're going to banish a monster forfree, and if you control Zombie World you can also negate an opposingmonster's effect as well.

It's a powerful card and the fact that it's not being discussed forcompetition says more about the power level of the top decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!right now than anything else. It has serious potential, but it's timingisn't quite right yet.

#4: Glow-Up Bloom

Speaking of potential, the re-trained Glow-Up Bulb is an instant Zombierecruiter when sent to the Graveyard, again provided you control ZombieWorld. The flexibility of a card that can search and immediately SpecialSummon any Level 5 or higher Zombie from your deck really makes the idea ofa new-and-improved Zombie World tempting. A stronger Field Spell carryingthat name stamp could really turn things around for Zombies.

#3: Necroworld Banshee

With that dependence on Zombie World established, Necroworld Bansheesearches it and protects it to keep all your effects operational. The factthat you can so easily pop off Banshee for something as simple as a LinkSummon gives this card a lot of value on the table, and as a clear favoritefor the strategy demand followed suit. Overall it was the second mostpopular card from the new Structure.

#2: Dinowrestler Pankratops

The Number 1 bestseller for several weeks running, Dinowrestler Pankratopswent from mixed reviews as a Side Pick at YCS Niagara, to capturing higherregard at YCS London and the Regionals that have followed. A spectaculargoing-second card in almost any matchup, it's raw power for attacks,overwhelming numbers for Link Summons, and flexible removal with vastlymore versatility than standard spell and trap hate.

It's really, really good, and we're lucky it didn't get turned into aSecret Rare. As it stands it's a top pick that anyone can own, and that'smade it the hottest card from Soul Fusion.

Though not quite hot enough this week…

#####CARDID= 24359#####

#1: Shared Ride

With Sky Strikers still standing tall as a pillar of tournamentcompetition, Shared Ride has almost never been hotter. The closest thing wehave to Maxx "C" in this format, different printings have cost as much aseight dollars in the past weeks, and have largely held value. That left thedoor wide open for the new common reprint from the latest Structure,dropping Shared Ride to as low as 75 cents apiece.

Shared Ride is another must-own side pick right now, and it's even seeingnotable Main Deck success. It's another case of "If you don't own yourplayset yet, this is your best chance." It'll probably never be easier topick up.


Looking just beyond the Top 10 the new Zombie Necronize almost made, itclocking in at Number 11. Orcrusts saw some interest with Orcrust HarpHorror and Orcrust Cymbal Skeleton coming in at Numbers 12 and 15respectively, while Crusadia Spatha and Wee Witch's Apprentice finished outthe countdown at Numbers 13 and 14.

The surge of interest in Wee Witch's Apprentice may be owed in part to therising popularity of Alergeists in tournaments, which use the Apprentice tobeat over Inspector Boarder. Sky Strikers, Thunder Dragons, and Altergeistsall appear to be gaining table share at Regionals, a pattern many of us arewatching for due to a similar "triangle format" landscape that appeared inthe OCG when Thunder Dragons arrived there.

Right now our format isn't so refined, and the Firewall FTK deck standsapart from that three-way relationship. Still, it's something to bear inmind moving forward, and with November 20th on the way we mightsee a new format that hastens those trends.

We'll be back next week with more secondary market info and more profilesof some of the coolest decks in Regionals! Until then, have a great weekendand thanks for reading.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer