Pendulum Magicians won ARGCS Charlotte.World Chalice won YCS Bochum. AndZefras won the Ultimate Duelist Series. It was a wild weekend for Yu-Gi-Oh with not one, not two, but threeChampionship tournaments, each one dominated by a different strategy.

While the trends emerging from those tournaments are only starting tomanifest in the secondary market, we're already beginning to see responsesin the TCGplayer Marketplace. Magicians, Dinosaurs, and of coursesplashable staples continued to do well through the weekend, but a closerlook reveals a series of market forces that are churning demand for avariety of themes.

Let's dive right into one of the more interesting Top 10 countdowns of theyear so far, and then let's follow it up with a look at the cards thatalmost made it. There's a lot of good info here that can help you makemetagame reads moving forward.

The following are the ten bestselling cards from Friday to Monday, by sheernumber of cards sold.

#10: The Monarchs Erupt

There were multiple True Draco decks in the Top Cut of all threeChampionships this weekend, and the theme was played in a variety ofdifferent flavors: a pretty conventionalDemise True Dracobuild isdefinitely the frontrunnerin terms of sheer tops, but wealso saw a Stun buildwith triple Inspector Boarder anda Metalfoes variant, all in Top Cut action.

The Monarchs Erupt is a key card for the more vanilla variants, winning anumber of match-ups straight up if you can stick it on the field. Thatstrategy drove heavy demand this weekend, pushing The Monarchs Erupt intothe Number 10 spot. Definitely watch out for True Dracos moving forward asthe deck seems to be picking up steam.


#9: Chronograph Sorcerer

Pendulum Magicians: still winning tournaments, still playing three copiesof this card.


#8: Overtex Qoatlus

Dinosaurs were nowhere to be found in the Top 16 of the ARGCS, nor did theyappear to make the Top 32 at the UDS. ButTrue King Dinosaurs,Shaddoll Dinosaurs, andDino Lightsworn Zombiesall made the Top Cut at YCS Bochum, continuing to fuel demand for the newlynchpin, Overtex Qoatlus. One part negation-driven boss monster and twoparts searcher, Overtex grabs you Double Evolution Pill and gives Dinosaursa strong alternative to Ultimate Conductor Tyranno as a bonus.

Or it just gets you to Ultimate Conductor Tyranno for free. It's yourchoice, which is kind of why it's so great. Overtex Qoatlus remains one ofthe most popular cards from Extreme Force weeks after its release,with little sign of slowing down.


#7: Proxy Dragon

Proxy Dragon's still the most important Link-2 monster in the game, evenwith Underclock Taker drawing some comparisons. Trickstars, Invoked,Pendulum Magicians, and ABC's all topped with it this weekend, and it mightbe even cheaper now than it was around New Year's.

Seriously. Wasn't that thing a dollar a while ago? It's available for 70cents as of this writing, with an average Market Price of 86 cents. Itdoesn't get much better than that for a must-run card in a majority of theformat's viable decks.


#6: Rescue Ferret

Now on a firm upward Price Trend, Rescue Ferret was played in MarcoPerico's Championship-winning World Chalice deck at the YCS. Speculation onFerret's potential withCherubini, Black Angel of the Burning Abysshad already driven demand for Ferret on and off over the past few months,and now that it's making its way into Championship-level strategies it'sbound to see some steady demand in the coming weeks.

#5: Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Colby Potts made an impact with a Pendulum Magician FTK at YCS Atlanta, and histechniques weremimickedat the ARGCS. The strategy relies on Instant Fusion for Lyrilusc - IndependentNightingale, and in most cases techs Thousand-Eyes Restrict to get moreutility out of it. That impetus, combined with theAncient Millennium reprint, meant that Thousand-Eyes Restrict wasin both high demand and ready supply, driving it to the Number 5 spot.


#4: Underclock Taker

Catching up to Proxy Dragon in sheer ubiquity, Underclock Taker's beentopping in Invoked, ABC's, Burning Abyss, Gem-Knights, Dinosaurs, and more.With an attractive couple of Link Arrows, a solid effect, and a role in anever widening list of combos, it's a must-own for any tournament caliberduelist and an incredibly easy card to pick up at under 50 cents. Easilyone of the best commons of the year so far, we're lucky it didn't wind upas an expensive foil.


#3: Pot of Desires

Speaking of expensive foils, the slight rise in price we were seeing latelyfor Pot of Desires may have reached a plateau, as the card still hugs the$4 mark without crossing the threshold just yet. Pot of Desires was thehighest selling card of 2017, and at this rate it may wind up with asimilar performance for 2018 as well. It's played in everything that cansupport it, and it's another generic must-have.

#2: Ancient Gear Frame

With Ancient Gear Fusion topping out at $20 so far, the new Ancient Gearcards are all hot right now, with Ancient Gear Frame the one new card fromAncient Millennium that's managed to crack the Top 10. At anaverage Market Price of well under a dollar, it's on a downward price trendeven as demand shatters expectations. While Ancient Gears have almost neverbeen competitive, search effects heal all, and Ancient Gear Frame wields asolid 1600 ATK and a trigger effect that can force your opponent to thinkvery carefully about their moves.

Whether Ancient Gear Frame will still be a bestseller by Friday isanybody's guess, and Ancient Millennium singles may haveunderperformed on the whole. But for now, there's clearly at least a strongcasual interest in the Ancient Gear strategy.

#1: Instant Fusion

And finally, Instant Fusion is in big supply thanks to its LED2 reprint,and as mentioned before the Pendulum Magician FTK has sparked even moredemand than expected in the wake of LED2's release. Instant Fusion's alwaysbeen a tremendously powerful card, and even coming off a reprint four daysago, its current lowest price in the TCGplayer Marketplace is $1.23 as ofthis writing.

The last time Instant Fusion was this hot, it was demolishing tournamentswith Elder Entity Norden in Zoodiacs. Will the Pendulum Magician FTK suitebecome a new norm for the Magician strategy? Normally I'd be quick to shootdown any FTK, but this one requires so few Main Deck concessions it simplymust be taken seriously. And with so many players picking up InstantFusion, it can't all be off the back of new casual Fusion Monsters inAncient Millennium.

Expect to go up against a rising numbers of players packing FTK tricks inyour tournaments.


Looking beyond the Top 10, we saw a variety of competitive trendscontinuing on down the list. Amano-Iwato is almost singlehandedly keepingpure Demise True Dracos in competition, warding off a wealth of hand trapsand conventional monster effects; it just missed the Top 10 at Number 11,so watch out for more True Dracos in upcoming tournaments. Combinde withthe Number 10 finish for The Monarchs Erupt, there's definitely an upwardtrend here.

Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm came in at Number 12, as more players continueto migrate to Pendulum Magicians and the Darkwurm engine makes its way intoother strategies. The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode was a common pickat YCS Atlanta, YCS Bochum, and ARGCS Charlotte, and while it dropped fromthe Top 10 it landed solidly at Number 13.

Millenium-Eyes Restrict is the third biggest money pull fromLegendary Duelists: Ancient Millennium, and it clocked in atNumber 14 for the week. Not only is it a cool fan-driven card for oldschoolYugi watchers, it also featuredin Jordan Armstrong's Top 16 Invoked ABC deck at ARGCS Charlotte. Finally, Anti-Spell Fragrance rounded out the Top 15.

As far as speculation went, the clear targets this weekend were Eva andTransmodify, both key picks in Marco Perico's winning World Chalice buildfrom YCS Bochum. Neither card has been played in other Top Cut WorldChalice decks I've personally seen so far this format, and the marketimmediately took notice. Eva's even on a slightly upward Price Trend.

The world has gone crazy. Up is down and wood is a drink.

That's it for today, but we're only starting to see the impact of the threeChampionships from the weekend! Join us again on Friday when we see thelong-term fallout.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer