A number of sales trends have influenced the TCGplayer Marketplace over thepast month, from current competitive concepts to speculation on theupcoming Flames of Destruction and Dark Saviors releases.

This week we saw the secondary market get swerved by something entirelydifferent: new announcements about cards in Japan'sCollectors Pack 2018. That set launches on May 12th in the OCG, but it forms thebasis for the June 29th release ofBattles of Legend: Relentless Revengehere in TCG territory. There's a very fair expectation that whatever windsup inCollectors Pack 2018will hit our shores a month and a half later.

That's why when players caught word of the Collectors Pack releaseof a slew of cards for the Timelord theme, everything relevant to theTimelord strategy went berserk in the TCGplayer Marketplace. Our friends atThe Organization broke the news on Monday,revealing art and fanlated text for not just four new Timelordmonsters, but three sequential trap cards for the theme.

Those trap cards replace eachother and offer a mix of draw effects, SpecialSummons, and protection that help keep your Timelords on the table. Themost powerful of the three goes so far as to Special Summon up to threeTimelords, one each from your hand, deck, and graveyard. It's pretty nuts,and they work exceptionally well with the new Timelords. Those new monstersfollow in the footsteps of previous Timelords, doing everything fromhalving your opponent's LP, to burn damage, to shuffling away all theirstuff.

The end result was a huge rush on current Timelord cards and a bunch of newupward Price Trends. Timelords wound up taking half of the slots in our Top10 countdown, selling more cards by volume than anything else in theTCGplayer Marketplace this week. How does it all break down?

Let's take a look.

#10: Proxy Dragon

Proxy Dragon's a perennial bestseller here on TCGplayer, as a steady streamof new and returning players gear up for the WCQ season. One of the game'stwo must-own Link-2's, it's played in almost anything that runs LinkMonsters, and its generic Link Materials make it a flexible staple ofcompetition. That said, the Timelord hype knocked it town to Number 10 allthe way from Number 3 from last weekend; quite the tumble.

#####CARDID= 22117#####

#9: Called by the Grave

Speaking of tumbles, Called by the Grave fell even more dramatically,collapsing to Number 9 after holding the Number 1 spot for week after weekafter week since its release. The handtrap-crushing Quick-Play is beginningto see more play in Main and Side Decks in tournament Top Cuts, but itnever reached the heights it achieved in Japan, and it seems as if demandmight finally be slowing down as a result.

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#8: Shared Ride

Shared Ride spiked a week ago as players and speculators noticed howpopular it had become in the OCG, played as a counter to theBrandish Maiden / Sky Striker Ace cards. Shared Ride was Number 5 over the weekend and Number 1 last week, butwith the Secret Rares both reaching the $5 mark and the Gold Rareapproaching two dollars, demand has slowed while supply has dried up.

That said, all three versions remain on an upward Price Trend, so we'llhave to see if the card cools over the weekend.

#####CARDID= 14254 #####

#7: Underclock Taker

After losing some ground in the last week and a half to Proxy Dragon,Underclock Taker was back on top this week, as the second of the game's twomust-own Link-2 cards. Underclock Taker's currently our only generic Link-2with a downward pointing Link Marker, and while that's made it a popularpick in a number of strategies, it's become especially popular in PendulumMagicians as a backup to Heavymetalfoes Electrumite in the face of GhostReaper & Winter Cherries.

Add in an awesome damage-oriented effect that can make wins out of nowhere,and a price that's still dirt cheap, and you've got one of the bestsellingcards of the year.

#####CARDID= 22914 #####

#6: Sadion, the Timelord

Annnnnnnnd here come the pretzels.

Sadion, the Timelord is the first of five Timelord cards to make the Top 10from Monday to Friday, despite having one of the weakest effects of theTimelord family and a blank competitive track record. While most of theTimelords focus on reducing the opponent's LP or throwing major disruptionat their field, Sadion returns your LP to 4000 if you happen to be losingso badly that you're below that mark, which will likely prove underwhelmingin the face of better Timelord cards.

Still, as a name-stamped card for the hottest theme of the week, Sadion'sprice can't be beat at about 12 cents a pop as of this writing, and thatdrove players to pick up copies just in case.

#####CARDID= 21887 #####

#5: Zaphion, the Timelord

On the flipside of that, Zaphion, the Timelord is the most competitiveTimelord card in the TCG so far, with a long track record of Side Deckeduse and a strong place in the current True Draco strategy. Depriving youropponent's of floodgates, backrow, and Pendulum Spells, it casts a wide netand makes a big impact. The demand here is easy to understand, and theaverage Market Price of $1.25+ was likely all that kept it from sellingeven more copies.

#####CARDID= 21886 #####

#4: Pot of Desires

As always, Pot of Desires established the high watermark for the week, asthe most popular card of 2017 and 2018 so far. And it says a great dealthat the near-staple "draw 2" was bested by not one, not two, but awhopping three Timelord cards in the salescharts.

#####CARDID= 22118 #####

#3: Kamion, the Timelord

Kamion's seen some measure of competitive success since its release,offering precision removal in one of the most permanent ways possible, aswell as a hint of burn damage. It's going to become particularly brutalwith the upcoming Timelord trap cards, and it was a strong buy all weeklong as a result.

#####CARDID= 21888 #####

#2: Lazion, the Timelord

Lazion's quite similar, offering blanket graveyard disruption that simplyundoes all the work they've done building up their graveyard over thecourse of the game, and then sits on the field taxing your opponent 1000 LPevery time they draw. If Timelords are going to become a serious strategy,this level of matchup hate is going to be a huge asset, making Lazion agiant get at under 50 cents a pop.

#####CARDID= 21885 #####

#1: Time Maiden

And finally, the card that ties the whole Timelord theme together was thebiggest mover of the week. Offering tribute support, awesome search power,and a from-the-deck Special Summon, Time Maiden makes the Timelords moreviable in three different ways. The Timelords' summoning restrictions canmake them really awkward to play, but Time Maiden solves virtually all ofthose problems.

Time Maiden's currently on an upward Price Trend, but its average MarketPrice is still just over $2.50, and copies can be found for $2. Compared tosimilar Secret Rares from Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge it'sstill undervalued; think Anti-Spell Fragrance at five dollars, or DoubleEvolution Pill at $7+.

With many players only catching onto the Timelord trend late into the week,Time Maiden may have legs through the weekend, and we could easily see aprice spike. We'll check back in on that come Monday.

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What else was hot this week? Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm came in at Number11, continuing as one of the most popular cards in Pendulum Magicians, andappearing in a lesser role in lots of other strategies. With the risingnumber of FTK Pendulum Magicians in Top Cuts, this one's no surprise.

Altergeist Meluseek and Revendread Slayer clocked in at Number 12 andNumber 13 respectively, as players count down the days toFlames of Destruction and new support for both themes. TorrentialTribute was Number 14, as trap cards keep getting more and more popular andTorrential offers point-of-summon mass removal. And finally, Destrudo theLost Dragon's Frisson has recently powered a number of SPYRAL and mixedField Spell decks into Regional Top 8's, and rounded things out at Number15 as a result.

That's it for this week, but check back with us on Monday for anotherMarket Watch update!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer