It's time to Yule! The holidays are upon us, and while Regional Qualifierscontinue this weekend we started to see significant action in the secondarymarket from the latest Tournament Pack release.

OTS Tournament Pack 12 hit hard with some really big Ultimate Rares: ChaosDragon Levianeer currently sits at 50 dollars, Twin Twisters is pushing 60and Solemn Judgment's at a whopping 70 bucks! With two of those cards beinghugely generic splashables , it's very likely that the biggest money pullsfrom OTS 12 will have long lasting value for years to come. Meanwhileseveral of the Super Rares sold so many copies this week that they made itinto the Top 10. More on those as we reach them in today's best-sellercountdown.

The biggest shift fromour last Top 10was the departure of the Chaos Impact Special Editionpromos. Lastweek Scrap Wyvern was the Number 4 best-seller, Dragonmaid Send-Off made itto Number 2 and Battle Shogun of the Six Samurai was Number 1. This weekthose cards disappeared: Dragonmaid Send-Off plummeted to Number 51, ScrapWyvern plunged to 42 and Battle Shogun hit Number 30. That's kind ofsurprising given the conversation around Scrap Wyvern this past week, witha Top Cut finish at the PPT andJohnny Nguyen putting in a high profile Regional finish.

That left eight of the Top 10 best-selling cards this week as tournamentstandbys; cards we've seen all over the upper echelons of the sales chartsfor the past several weeks, and in some cases almost all year long. Let'sdive in and see what made the cut this week, from Monday to Friday.

#10 - Dark Ruler No More

The Number 1 card last week, Dark Ruler No More dropped to Number 10 evenas more players continued to find success with it in Regionals. We'redefinitely seeing a trend toward full-stop disruption cards in high levelplay right now as opposed to more reactive cards like hand traps, many ofwhich seem to be falling out of favor. System Down's another big example ofa trending card that offers an absolute answer at a slower speed, though ithasn't seen any significant spike of demand just yet.


#9 - Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju

Speaking of absolute answers, Gameciel was down from Number 2 last week toland at Number 9. Gameciel's a perennially popular card that's hugelyuseful in any competitor's collection, but demand tends to bounce from weekto week and it's sort of always been that way, dating back to its releasein 2015. The Duel Devastatorreprint's the highest rarity versionaside from the BLRR Secret Rare, so it's a big pick at a budget pricepoint.


#8 - Called by the Grave

In a Top 10 with no traditional hand traps, Called by the Grave was one ofthe best-selling cards of the week rebounding back into the Top 10. Thesustained demand for Called by the Grave is something to marvel at,basically just demonstrating the constant influx of new players into thetournament scene. At this point, if you're competing in Yu-Gi-Oh! youprobably own Called by the Grave already. But there are always new playersgetting into the game, those players need generic staples, and Called bythe Grave is one of the biggest examples.


#7 - Borrelsword Dragon

Up from Number 10 last week, Borrelsword Dragon's started to draw a lowrumble in F&L List discussions. Is Borrelsword Dragon too powerful? Isit time for it to go? It seems unlikely that we'd see it Forbidden inJanuary, but at the same time I don't think it's necessarily healthy tohave a generic win condition that just fits into so many different ExtraDecks.

Borrelsword Dragon's not really enabling any unique strategies, so much aslayering onto existing strategies and making them even better. That createsa dividing line between decks that can run Borrelsword and can't, andthat's a problem long term that's only going to get worse over time.


#6 - Time Thief Redoer

The first big hit from OTS Tournament Pack 12, Time Thief Redoer'sseen generic play as one of the game's better Rank 4 monsters these days,and there's definitely some anticipation for upcoming Time Thief support inthe future. Redoer debuted in Savage Strikeas a regular common,and players and collectors leapt at the chance to grab the card's firstfoil printing.


#5 – Knightmare Unicorn

Knightmare Unicorn fell off the Top 10 list last week too, but it bouncedback to Number 5 as a popular pick in Orcusts, Strikers and a ton of otherstrategies this format. As we've said before Unicorn's only become morepowerful thanks to I:P Masquerena, and it's an incredibly flexibletroubleshooter that often feels under-costed as a Link 3. The2019 Gold Sarcophagus TinUltra Rare is still very approachable at5 bucks, and that's kept Unicorn hot in the Marketplace.


#4 - Monster Reborn

Speaking of the Gold Sarcophagus Tin, the prismatic version of MonsterReborn exploded out of nowhere to rocket all the way to Number 4 this week.Reborn's seen some limited play on an on-and-off basis through most of2019, and players responded very strongly to the prismatic version forweeks after it debuted. It's an iconic card with a simple, powerful effectthat's still best in its class for a lot of purposes.


#3 – Primal Being Token

The single best-selling card from OTS Tournament Pack 12, demandfor the Primal Being Token is testament to the recent popularity of Nibiru,the Primal Being which narrowly missed the Top 10 at Number 12 this week.Tokens for tournament-relevant cards can be a mixed bag as far as long termvalue goes, but with Nibiru seeing so much play this one's looking to bemore of a Sky Striker Ace Token, and less like Mecha Phantom Beast Token(B) - "Harrliard".


#2 - Super Polymerization

At this point it seems as if Super Polymerization will stick a spot in theTop 10 until something happens to keep it off tournament tables. Will thathappen in January? More and more players appear to be betting against that,since they're still buying Super Polymerizations by the barrelful.


#1 - Saryuja Skull Dread

And finally, Saryuja Skull Dread was up from Number 6 last week and back inthe Number 1 spot. Literally nothing I've seen over the past two weeks hasplayed Saryuja aside from the new dedicated Scrap decks, and that's had nobearing on demand which is still exceedingly high. There's clearly still avery big contingent of casual players that didn't get this card in itsearlier, more expensive printings, and with Saryuja down to about $1.25 outof Duel Devastatorlots of people are happily playing catch-up.


That's it for this week! If you're heading to one of the final Regionals ofthe year this weekend, good luck as you strive for that invite or thoseWorld Qualifying Points.

Enjoy the Holidays!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer