Welcome to another Friday Market Watch!

On Monday we saw some early responses to YCS Dallas, as the TCGplayerMarketplace was overrun by the full release of Circuit Break. Nowthat the initial response to CIBR has slowed slightly, andthe bulk of the Top 32 deck lists from YCS Dallas have been archived, we're seeing a mix of continued heat from Circuit Break mixedwith some early indicators of what to expect in tournament play for therest of this format.

But that's really the key word: "this" format. When KDE gave us a newF&L List in September, it was only promised to remain in effect untilNovember. With players calling for an emergency response to the dominanceof SPYRAL decks at Dallas, November's coming up fast and many are hoping tosee some changes ASAP to level the playing field.

For now we can zoom in and isolate inflection points amongst the differingbuilds of SPYRALS at Dallas, and related sales patterns can help us seewhere those trends are heading, knowing that a new F&L List couldeasily eradicate those delicate debates.

All we can focus on now are the current data sets, so let's get into it.Here were the top 10 bestselling cards in the TCGPlayer Marketplace thisweek, from Monday morning to Friday morning.

#10: World Legacy Pawns

While Vendreads, Metaphys, and Lunalights were the first big casual winnersfrom Circuit Break on Monday, demand for Metaphys cards slid overthe course of the week. That made room for cards from the Krawler theme toreach the Top 10, the first of which was this card – World Legacy Pawns.

Recycling cards from your Graveyard and re-setting Krawlers, Pawns is aninfrastructure-driving Continuous Trap that keeps your Krawler strategyflowing. Look for Loukas' next Rerouting Deck Fix next week to see it inaction.


#9: Set Rotation

One of the biggest points of contention at YCS Dallas, Set Rotation won andlost a ton of games over the course of the weekend; some SPYRAL duelistsbelieved it was a valuable trick to instantly win duels in the early game,while others saw it as an unnecessary threat to the deck's consistency.Only one competitor in the Top 4 ran it –that was Ryan Levine, who played it with a Destrudo the Lost Dragon's Frisson engine – butregardless, players are clearly leaning into it as huge numbers were soldthis week.


#8: Vendread Nights

Down two spots from Number 6 on Monday, Vendread Nights was the onlysurviving Vendread card in the Top 10 – a far-reaching search card that youcan use again and again, loading your graveyard while offering fast andprecise hand fixing.

This one might be a cooler prospect with the popularity of simple removallike Twin Twisters at YCS Dallas, and the fact that there's still nocompetitive build of Vendreads out there that's been proven in competition,but demand remained high.


#7: Lunalight Crimson Fox

Lunalight Crimson Fox clocked in at Number 7 over the weekend, and thatdemand remained steady throughout the week. Often regarded as the mostexciting card in the Lunalight theme, it preserves your biggest attackerswhile also letting them steal games by weakening opposing defenders.

The Lunalight deck wants to hit fast and hard, and Crimson Fox can workwonders in creating two-turn or even one-turn wins. Given the history ofhigh sales for Lunalights, I wouldn't be surprised to see it remain in theTop 10 on Monday.


#6: X-Krawler Qualiark

A serious heavy for the Krawler strategy, Qualiark's a topnotch LinkMonster with two downward arrows, a solid beater, and self-replacing in thebest way possible thanks to its "Special Summon 2" effect. Its three extraabilities help build your swarm, protect it, and press it through youropponent's defenses, making it a deadly anchor for any Krawler deck.

Will that deck become competitive? That's certainly up in the air, but theenthusiasm for the theme this week was undeniable. You could definitelystart to see Krawlers pop up at your locals.


#5: Metaverse

Down a spot from Number 4 on Monday, Metaverse still seems to be holding aton of attention for… reasons that remain unclear? Playing third fiddle toboth Terraforming and Set Rotation, we'd need to see both of those cardsLimited or worse before Metaverse could really be competitive. Changes likethat would mean fundamental shifts in how the game's played, which seemsunlikely though not entirely impossible.


#4: Lunalight Kaleido Chick

Up from Number 5, enthusiasm only grew this week for Lunalight KaleidoChick. Highly efficient in helping you "jump the line" of Lunalight bossmonsters, Kaleido Chick speeds along the strategy on the Summoning sidejust as Crimson Fox helps you ramp through opposing monsters. WhileLunalights have always had a fanbase that's strong beyond most people'simaginings, as demonstrated by previous sales patterns months ago, seeingthis one actually gain steam in the Marketplace is still surprising.


#3: Pot of Desires

If you didn't think Pot of Desires was going to be one of the firstpre-CIBR cards to Rebound back into the Top 10 after Circuit Breakhit retail, you're probably new here. Pot of Desires has dominated ourMarket Watch columns ever since its re-release in the2017 Mega-Tins, and not much seems to slow that down week to week.As long as the supply stays strong it seems as if the price will remainconsistent, and sales will remain high.

Drawing two cards: always amazing.

#2: Destrudo the Lost Dragon's Frisson

Like Set Rotation, there was some major debate emerging from YCS Dallasover the use of Destrudo the Lost Dragon's Frisson in SPYRALS. On one handit's part of a stellar engine that helps you control your opponent'soptions, make bigger plays, and get to SPYRAL Resort even moreconsistently. On the other hand it costs half your Life Points – a problem,especially in the mirror match and the Trickstar matchup.

With both SPYRALS and Trickstars likely to see more play after theirsuccess at YCS Dallas, one might expect players to gravitate away fromDestrudo. But the tremendous sales seem to suggest otherwise; that we maysee even more Destrudo in competition moving forward. Time will tell, butfor now it was the second highest-selling card in the TCGplayer Marketplacethis week, second only to a card that saw similar debate…


#1: Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir

Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir is huge in the OCG where it's a staplefor SPYRAL decks, having the potential to crush the mirror and a lot ofother matchups in the process. But by the same Token it's also pretty toughto Summon, and a lot of Top 32 SPYRAL players from Dallas remarked thatthey were disappointed and basically never used it.

Roughly half of the Top 32 SPYRAL lists we've logged played Bagooska,including the entire Top 4. Meanwhile it was run in bothEd Acepcion's Invoked deckand Brian Rayos' Trickstars, but wasn't playedin Drew Johnson's Trickstar build. Again, given the lackluster impression the much-anticipated Xyz made, youmight think it would see less play in coming weeks. But regardless of thosepost-event remarks, its sheer potential combined with its OCG pedigree andits use in so many top decks at Dallas powered it straight to the top ofthe sales charts.

We'll have to see how much table time Number 41: Bagooska the TerriblyTired Tapir really ends up seeing, but for now you can expect youropponents to be running it at tournaments this weekend and beyond.


That's it for this week! YCS London is up next this weekend, and we'll beback next week to see what impact that event has on the secondary market.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer