Welcome to our second Market Watch of the week, and our second look at thesecondary Market in the wake of YCS Niagara and YCS Ghent.

On Monday we posted a quick-reaction edition of Market Watch to look at theimmediate impact of all the action over the YCS weekend, and the end resultwas an upwards trend for two themes: Thunder Dragons and Dangers. ThunderDragons took a dive this week as the challenges facing the strategy seemedto sink in, and the lack of results from the YCS did their damage, butDangers just kept on heading skyward.David Mendoza's victory with his Danger Gren Maju deck was clearlyresponsible, sparking lots of discussion through the week and driving Danger! Bigfoot!even higher up the charts than on Monday.

Meanwhile pre-orders were available forLegendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny, officially releasing today.Prices soared out of the gates for the set's biggest cards, especially newHERO monsters like Evil HERO Malicious Bane and Evil HERO Adjusted Gold,but the set failed to reach the Top 10 during the pre-order period. Apartfrom the set's chiefly casual spread of fan-favorites, rumors of shortprints created some pricing confusion and buyer hesitation. It'll beinteresting to see what cards hit it big come Monday.

One of the big tech picks from the YCS weekend – a card that we were alittle unclear on last week – reached the Top 10 this time around, anddeserves some serious competitive attention. We also saw some reversals ofposition near the top of the list. We'll get into both of those topics in alittle bit, but for now let's jump into the Top 10. The following were thebestselling cards of the week from Monday to Friday here on TCGplayer,measured by the number of unique purchases made.

#10 - Raigeki

Monster Reborn fell to Number 11 this week to give ground to Raigeki, twocards that have sold incredibly well since their Prismatic Secret Rareprintings in the Gold Sarcophagus Tins. For weeks now Reborn hasled Raigeki in sales, probably because Reborn actually sees competitiveplay in a handful of strategies while Raigeki sees none. But this weekRaigeki squeaked just ahead and landed in the Number 10 position.

Both are really attractive printings of classic spell cards, but withlittle role in tournament play their days were obviously numbered; theslide off the Top 10 was inevitable.

#####CARDID= 25899 #####

#9 - Knightmare Phoenix

One of the best utility monsters in the Extra Deck today, KnightmarePhoenix is easy to Summon, packs respectable ATK, and turns your worst cardinto a draw and a free piece of backrow removal. It dropped from Number 7to Number 9 this week, but its must-own status for any and every tournamentcompetitor is sure to keep it on the bestseller lists over the comingweeks. Like Pot of Desires and Called by the Grave before it, KnightmarePhoenix is just that good for just that many different decks.

#####CARDID= 25930 #####

#8 - Trap Trick

There's that tech card! Trap Trick almost made it into the Top 10 at Number11 over the weekend, but now it's officially made the list at Number 8. Wesaw three big YCS decks play Trap Trick in different ways last weekend:Adrian Koch sided it to get to Artifact Sanctum and Eradicator EpidemicVirus inhis 60-Card Orcust deck in the Top 32 of YCS Ghent; Yacine Sahli Top 8'd Niagara with three copies mainedin his trap-heavy pure Cyber Dragon build, searching Heavy Storm Duster, Evacuation Device' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=Compulsory Evacuation Device">Compulsory Evacuation Device and CyberneticOverflow; and Nikolas Konikkos played it to Day 2 in Niagara as part ofhis Danger Buster Blader deck.

Whether you're purely concerned with meta decks, looking to go a bit rogueor planning to bring your opponents to their knees with an absolutely crazystrategy, Trap Trick should be on your radar right now. The MP19 reprintdropped it into budget territory at four bucks, and lots of tournamentplayers are finding new ways to play it.

#####CARDID= 26113#####

#7 - Danger!? Tsuchinoko?

Dangers started to see an uptick in demand on Sunday nightfresh off David Mendoza's win at YCS Niagara, but interest in the theme exploded through the week to send Danger!?Tsuchinoko? back up to Number 7. Danger! Nessie! came in at Number 12,Danger! Thunderbird! clocked in at Number 14, followed by Danger! ResponseTeam at Number 15, Danger! Mothman! at Number 16, and Danger! Chupacabra!at Number 17.

Most of that was Mendoza's doing, but it's worth acknowledging thatMothman's quickly become a staple in Orcust Lunalights, with every buildwe've seen so far in YCS Top Cuts playing at least two copies. The Dangermonsters are still putting in big work, but in more varied ways than we'veseen in the past.

#####CARDID= 26120#####

#6 - Knightmare Cerberus

Popular in all sorts of Orcust decks, Knightmare Cerberus is also played insome Altergeist decks andDavid Mendoza's Danger Gren Maju. Orcusts came out of YCS Niagara a bit better off than some might haveguessed, and that's largely part of the increased demand alongsideeverything in Mendoza's deck being so hot.

#####CARDID= 25929#####

#5 - Danger! Bigfoot!

Speaking of, Danger! Bigfoot! went fromthe Number 8 bestselling card last weekendto Number 5, climbing the sales charts like King Kong ascending the EmpireState Building. David Mendoza's strategy leveraged Bigfoot in a ton ofdifferent ways, using it for draw power, removal, a 3000 ATK beatstick andeven fodder for Super Polymerization plays into Starving Venom FusionDragon to clinch OTK's.

We are so, so very lucky that this thing got reprinted. If it wasn't aneasy pull in the Gold Sarcophagus Tins the original Secret Rarecould easily be hugging the $30 mark or higher, but thankfully the freshnew Ultra Rare is still about two bucks.

#####CARDID= 26038#####

#4 - Borrelsword Dragon

Borrelsword Dragon was down from the Number 1 spot last weekend and itsvalue is taking a small dip at the time of this writing, currently downfrom a Market Price of $12 to about $10. That's not surprising for adouble-digits price tag card that, while immensely powerful, has a finiteamount of demand in current metagames. As a one-of that isn't universallyplayed it just can't stay Number 1 forever, and I'm kind of surprised it'smanaged to stay so high on the charts for so long as-is.

#####CARDID= 26000#####

#3 - Dark Ruler No More

Maybe the biggest surprise of the week, Dark Ruler No More actually jumpeda spot from Number 4 to Number 3, despite seeing play in only one Top Cutdeck from the double YCS weekend (that was in Austin Colling's Top 8 OrcustCyber Dragons). Like I said on Monday, we're fast approaching a tournamentenvironment where lots of decks specialize in breaking Turn 1 boards veryeffectively, and those decks just don't need Dark Ruler No More. The damagerestriction isn't worth it.

Will we see demand start to taper off? It's not happening yet, but we'llhave to wait and find out.

#####CARDID= 25903#####

#2 - Knightmare Unicorn

Still played in a smattering of decks that could include Thunder Dragons,Sky Strikers, Altergeists, and of course David Mendoza's Danger Gren Majus,Knightmare Unicorn's continued to be a strong pick-up after its budgetreprint. It's just an immensely effective card that continues theKnightmare Link theme of flexible removal, and its versatility's especiallyuseful in a format that remains so wide open.

#####CARDID= 25931#####

#1 - Nibiru, the Primal Being

And finally, Nibiru, the Primal Being was one of the most played cards ofthe YCS weekend, selling out all morning of Day 1 at YCS Niagara and thenseeing both Side Deck and Main Deck play as duelists looked to find a legup on their opponents. While there are many ways to play around Nibiru, thefact that you have to play around it is just solemn testament to its powerlevel. Again, if you're competing in tournaments this season it's just acard you have to own, since so many decks want to play it.

That's easy right now with Nibiru hanging tight at the $7 mark, but I'mstill wondering how long that's going to last as we get further and furtherremoved from the release date of the Gold Sarcophagus Tins.

#####CARDID= 25902#####

That's about it for this week, though it's worth taking a peek at a fewmore numbers. Dimension Shifter fell to Number 13 as interest in ThunderDragons seemed to flag over the course of the week. Guardragons took abeating at the YCS weekend, leaving the once mighty Guardragon Elpy atNumber 20. And Danger!? Jackalope? climbed in price to almost fifteendollars, curbing interest despite the surge of demand for Dangers andlanding the little green bunny at Number 21. All of those seems like trendsthat are likely to continue.

That's it for this week, but have a great weekend and we'll be back nexttime with a look at the winners fromLegendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer