Last weekthe secondary market was overwhelmed by demand for new cards fromMystic Fighters. Mathmechs ruled the TCGplayer Marketplace andGeneraiders batted cleanup, leaving Dragonmaids and tournament staples inthe dust.

This week demand for the new themes collapsed, and while Mystic Fightersstill played some role on the best-sellers list the Marketplace was led byreprints. With results from YCS Pasadena widely available and some Top Cutdecks from YCS Milan documented, players had ample time to draw theirconclusions about competition moving forward, and the most popular cardsdriving secondary market action were once again tournament standbys.

How'd it all shake out? Let's take a look and find out!

#10 - Called by the Grave

Is this the end of Called by the Grave dominating the sales charts?! Coulddemand finally be slipping as more and more players have their copies? Oris the fact that nine more cards bested it a function of a sliding emphasison hand traps? Called by the Grave's still seeing tons of play in Top Cuts– it was all over YCS Pasadena – so we may just be seeing a situation wherethe long term demand is finally starting to slow because everyone alreadyowns it.

Which would be a long time coming if true.


#9 – Dark World Dealings

This one's a mystery. Did Dark World Dealings have a breakout showing thisweek that I didn't see? The Mystic Fighters reprint brought it downfrom about three bucks to 75 cents, but it's difficult to see whereDealings could actually be putting in work. Is there a sudden enthusiasmfor Dark World Danger, or some variant thereof? Is it a budget alternativeto Into The Void now that it's become a 17 dollar card? Let me know if youhave the answer, down in the comments.

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#8 - Knightmare Unicorn

Knightmare Unicorn's one of the best Link-3's in the game, with incredibleflexibility and almost unparalleled troubleshooting power. It's especiallypopular in Sky Strikers and Orcusts, and it's even better in recent weeksthanks to the release of I:P Masquerena. Playing Knightmare Unicorn on yourturn? Awesome. Playing it on your opponent's turn? Even better.

The release of strong reprint sets this year, culminating withDuel Devastatorhas brought a tremendous number of players intotournament form. So while lots of duelists may already own KnightmareUnicorn there are thousands playing catch-up as they settle into a morecompetitive mindset.

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#7 - D.D. Crow

Want to break Orcust combos? BIRD! Need to get rid of that Engage youropponent's trying to grab back? BIRD!

I think one of the best things about D.D. Crow today is that it's so hardto play around. You can work to bait out something like Ash Blossom to makeit a suboptimal activation, but the things D.D. Crow stops this format arebasically inevitable plays; if you know what you're looking to Crow, youcan expect to see the opportunity come up. There are certainly somescenarios where the impact of D.D. Crow can be mitigated, but if you'replaying it reasonably well the number of outs your opponent can have isusually slim. With high utility across a wide spread of lesser match-upsit's a strong card right now, and it's seen lots of use in recent Top Cuts.

A lot of the big creators have been talking about D.D. Crow lately, helpingplayers understand why it's so good and where it can fall flat. Off the topof my head, I knowDzeeff,Cimoooooooo,

andTheCaliEffecthave all devoted time to it in recent videos, and with good reason.

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#6 - Cosmic Cyclone

Cosmic Cyclone's a great card in a vacuum, offering simple, flexible, andhigh-impact removal for minimal cost. But in a format where Sky Strikersand Orcusts are the two biggest strategies? Where Sky Striker Mecha Modules– Multirole and Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star are two of thebest cards in competition? It's even better. You can literally watch CosmicCyclone fluctuate week to week, roughly in parallel to the popularity ofthose two decks over the past year. This week was no exception.

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#5 - Super Polymerization

Still amazing, still shaping the format, and still probably not gettingForbidden in January thanks to the pending release ofPredaplant Verte Anaconda. Would the powers that be decide to stuff Super Polymerization back on theForbidden List before the release of Duel Overload? I wouldn't beton it myself, especially because I don't think anyone in R&D wassurprised at the impact Super Polymerization had when it was moved tothree-per-deck.

There's a very good chance we're playing it exactly the way they wanted usto.

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#4 - Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

It's very clear what would have to happen to knock Ash Blossom & JoyousSpring out of the position of top hand trap. It's also very clear thatbarring some major change in design philosophy, that probably won't happenany time soon. Ash Blossom's so ubiquitous that KDE's launching an entireline of accessories – sleeves, binders, deck boxes, mats - featuring thenew art from Duel Devastator. And while the actual value of handtraps can be debated in current competition, the queen of the Mountaincertainly can't.

Everyone should own Ash Blossom, and players continue to pick up theircopies. There are so many decks that want to run it, you just never want tobe stuck without the option.

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#3 - Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju

Strikers are the focus of a ton of discussion right now. Striker Orcusts'back-to-back YCS wins are one factor, the general recovery of dedicatedStriker builds since YCS Pasadena is another, and the impending release ofSky Striker Ace – Rozein Ignition Assaultisn't too far off. Gameciel, the Sea TurtleKaiju beats a lot of decks, but it's especially good against anything thathinges on minimal monster presence, and that's made it a trending pick thisweek.

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#2 - Saryuja Skull Dread

Saryuja's still really popular right now coming off the big reprint,despite the fact that not a lot of decks are running it. It does see sometable time in Pendulums right now, includingNoah Beygelman's 60-Card versionfrom YCS Pasadena, and Pendulums are seeing a lot of discussion thanks tobuilds like the FTK build from Milan. Is it worth the sustained hype? Ithink that depends on whether you expect Saryuja to go to 1 in January, andwhether you think its Limited or not Limited status still matters.

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#1 - Dark Ruler No More

It might be sort of easy to miss, but Dark Ruler No More's huge right now.We've seen it played almost everywhere between YCS Pasadena and YCS Milan.It's giving decks like Pendulums, Dinosaurs, and Cyber Dragons the extraassurance they need to break boards, and at the same time we're seeing itin Thunder Dragons, Sky Strikers, and Orcusts too;Kobe Short sided three copies in his Striker Orcusts to win Pasadena.

It's a really high profile card at the moment, it's on message for whatwe're seeing out of the big Top Cuts, and now that Mystic Fightersis slowing down and players have had some time with the latest YCS resultsit's clearly trending hard. It's a bit surprising to see it overcomelong-time staples to become the most ordered card of the week, but a ton ofplayers slept on it until now and this represents a big course correction.Expect to see it more often in your tournaments over the coming weeks.

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Also big this week: Dinowrestler Pankratops nearly broke into the Top 10 atNumber 11, as it continues to creep back into a more popular position incompetitive play. Mind Control is fading from the demand it saw weeks ago,but still came in at Number 12. Nibiru, the Primal Being's a threat atNumber 13, Borrelsword Dragon clocked the Number 14 spot, and Lost Wind wasstill seeing substantial buys at Number 15.

We'll be back after the weekend with another Market Update on Facebook andTwitter, so stay tuned forthat and have a great weekend!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer