Last weekend marked the first premier-level Standard event since Rivals of Ixalan was released. But before we get to the best-selling cards, here's a preview video for Masters 25 that I'm in:

Fun! Now let's get into the Top 10.

#10: Eldrazi Obligator

It won Grand Prix Lyon. If that doesn't convince you of its awesomeness, then watch Corbin Hosler play it:

#9: Dire Fleet Daredevil

With all the Vraska's Contempts getting thrown around, Dire Fleet Daredevil is exactly the type of utility creature Standard craves. Think of it as a more flexible Ravenous Chupacabra. Sometimes it's a 2/1 first striker for two. Sometimes it casts an opponent's Shock or Abrade or Lightning Strike or Fatal Push or Moment of Craving. Sometimes it hits a Vraska's Contempt and nukes a creature, like Hazoret the Fervent or The Scarab God, that red would be hard-pressed to get off the battlefield by itself. Six mana is a ton, but the point is that Dire Fleet Daredevil is super flexible, which is a huge deal.

#8: Ethereal Armor

Bogles won a Grand Prix. Players are still catching up.

#7: Snow-Covered Swamp

In the comments section of last week's Top 10, I promised to pay more attention to Saffron Olive's stuff, since I missed why Timestream Navigator spiked in sales (you all were very kind, which I appreicate!). Here's where I break the bad news to y'all: I didn't do that yet. So I have no clue why people bought Snow-Covered Swamps. I hope you'll dunk on me softly in the comments.

#6: Daze

People are speculating on Daze in the hopes that it won't show up in Masters 25. This stuff happens a lot. I really hope it's in Masters 25.

#5: Field of Ruin

Field of Ruin looks unassuming to most players, but it's quickly become one of the best recent cards in Modern, and it's great in Standard to boot, knocking out transformed Search for Azcanta and more.

#4: Gurmag Angler

Everyone's gotten the memo: Gurmag Angler's good in Modern and Pauper. For some reason, it took a bit of time to take, but now that it's near the top of the sales list every week, there are very few scenarios in which it will slip. Even a widespread Seller adjustment to new demand result in the price going up to, what? $1.50? $2? Still a Bargain.

#3: Soulflayer

Guh. This deck.

Hoo boy.

#2: Hadana's Climb

Hadana's Climb was the darling of Grand Prix Memphis, taking Aaron Barich all the way to the finals. Now that it's a known entity, the deck loses a lot of equity, but for one weekend, it was a fantastic idea. It's harder to rely on the one-shot "transform Hadana's Climb, beat you" plan when your opponent knows what's up.

#1: Curious Obsession

Magic Online user Ruiner has ten trophies (5-0 finishes), and every time he gets a decklist published, it's white/blue auras. It's time to acknowledge that the deck is probably for real, given Ruiner's sustained success with the archetype.

See you next time.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)