It's easy to be skeptical of new themes in this game; it takes a lot to be competitive, and with so many established decks it's really tough for new archetypes to find their footing. Nine times out of ten, a deck has to be obviously great to get traction.

But boy, do we like cute stuff! Want to know the biggest secret in Yu-Gi-Oh fandom? We can't get enough Rescue Cats. Or Rabbits. Or Ferrets, We're all hoping that some day Fluffals make it, and even Danger!? Tsuchinoko? launched to immediate praise for being the cutest little chubby snekk evarrrrr!

And let me tell you, Konami knows. Oh yes, they know where we keep our Yugi-feels. And this week they launched a full-on assault, unleashing the undisputed cutest theme of all time. Check 'em all out, card by card and floof by floof, in Doug's latest video!

Check up on the current status of Obedience Schooled over in the Marketplace! It's coming back down to earth, so if you don't have your copies yet it's not as rough as it looked.