From a strategical standpoint, there are times where brewing has a better payoff than usual. For example, brewing right after a set release will give you a long amount of time to tweak that brew and keep improving it through the Standard season. In addition, lessons from individual cards or experiences playing that deck help to shape your opinion of the metagame and therefore your next brew.

On the other hand, brewing just before a big set rotation does not offer the same long term rewards. You gain short term benefits including any individual tournament success, but many of the fringe benefits are lost. As a result of this, many people hang up their brewing hats and just play the same deck for a month or so. What I would encourage in this position, is to turn off active brewing, but to not suppress ideas should they spring up.

On my stream the other night, I ran across an old Helm of the Gods deck and was instantly inspired to work on a new form of that deck. After an hour or so of brewing, I arrived at a pretty cool blue/white shell that featured not only Helm of the Gods but also Sage's Reverie, a very cool but very niche card.

The idea was to use the power of both Cloudform and Lightform, two cards that have always intrigued me, as central components of a synergy-driven deck. Both of these cards are auras that are functionally creatures, making them perfect for Sage's Reverie and Helm of the Gods. Going further, an additional threat and synergy was found in Myth Realised.

From there, I added typical removal like Silkwrap, Suspension Field, and Stasis Snare. After a little testing, I kept realizing just how strong aura-based removal was with Sage's Reverie, so I swapped out most of the exile removal for auras. Next, some staple Standard powerhouses in Seeker of the Way and Reflector Mage were both added and we had ourselves a neat little brew on our hands!


I ended up going undefeated on the night with it despite starting with a suboptimal list featuring Graceblade Artisan and Stratus Walk.

This list has a lot of possibilities to it that I have yet to explore. That said, the above shell is a pretty great choice in the current metagame. Green/white decks are quite popular at the moment so you might be worried about Dromoka's Command, but the truth is that the card is very beatable. I beat a triple Dromoka's Command draw on stream, for example.

I found myself doing well against all of the creature-based decks as flying, lifelink, and hexproof are all strong abilities and we get to use them better than just about anyone. I made a few small changes to the list after these videos, so here is the current list:


Look for updates to this in the coming weeks and on Twitter! Until next week, thanks for reading!

--Conley Woods--