If you've learned anything from watching Mining Modern, I hope it's that I really enjoy not letting my opponents play Magic. I have a Lantern Control nearly foiled out in paper. Yes, I am that guy.

And this week's deck is beautiful.

Worship is incredibly powerful against so many decks in Modern. From Burn to combo decks to just about any creature deck, there are a ton of decks in the format that simply can't beat a resolved Worship and a board full of creatures. This deck takes that idea and pushes it to the max, playing ways to protect both creatures and Worship.

It starts with consistency. Four Idyllic Tutor mean the deck will almost always have access to Worship, even after the first is removed or discarded or so on. Four main deck Leyline of Sanctity not only have value against a ton of the field like Burn, but also serves to protect our hand from disruption, meaning our opponents will have to deal with Worship on the stack or on the battlefield, which disrupts a huge number of decks that rely on Inquisition of Kozilek.

And we have plenty of ways to protect Worship and our creatures once it resolves. Sylvan Caryatid is the obvious inclusion because it protects itself with hexproof, which is a two-card combo that will just straight-up beat a number of decks in game one. Imagine playing Merfolk or Bant Eldrazi or Zoo and watching your opponent resolve these cards on turn two and three. You essentially have to scoop on the spot.

For decks that don't just automatically lose to that combo, we have to force it. The flashiest way is Privileged Position, which turns not just your creatures but all your other permanents into Sylvan Caryatids, completely immune to opposing removal. A second Position or a Greater Auramancy onto the board means that the first Privileged Position itself can't be removed, and then the number of options available to opponents shrinks to approximately none.

One of those things that does get us, though, are board wipes. Supreme Verdict and Anger of the Gods are a real problem for Worship decks, but we pack the perfect answer in a four-set of Heroic Intervention. It's great because it can protect Worship from a Maelstrom Pulse but also protect your entire board from Anger of the Gods, as you saw in the match against Skred Red.

When it comes to winning, Westvale Abbey is the go-to. Once you establish the "lock," you can get really tricky with Courser of Kruphix. Play the Courser, and play a land to gain life. Even if your opponent is pushing you down to one life every turn, the Courser will send you back up to two, conveniently enough to make a Cleric Token with Westvale Abbey with impunity. Over the course of several turns you will build up enough creatures to bring Ormendahl, Profane Prince out to play, and odds are he'll be hexproof in addition to the other litany of keywords on that card.

Of course, this isn't always enough, so my personal favorite win condition in the deck is the unassuming land Mistveil Plains. Decking is theoretically one of the other ways we could lose a game after establishing the lock, but the Mistveil Plains (which is fetchable thanks to have the Plains land type), will guarantee that our opponents will run out of cards before we do.

This deck is a blast to play – especially if you like watching your opponent's face as they slowly realize that there's nothing in their deck to dig out of this particular hole – and in the right metagame this deck is an absolute beast.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler