This deck may not be new to Modern, but with the way the meta has developed recently (looking at you, four copies of Krark-Clan Ironworks in the Top 8 of GP Oakland), every deck is new again in the ever-changing world of Modern.

I know someone pretty good at making worlds tremble, old or new. And she comes Through the Breach.

Through the Breach an Emrakul has been the most iconic duo of Modern since its inception, and it's a well I've explored a couple times over. The way we are utilizing it this week is a reincarnation of an old deck that typically went by "Blue Moon" or "Blue Moon Breach." Basically, it was an Izzet control deck that would aim to lock people out with Blood Moon. Sometimes it would win with Madcap Experiment and Platinum Emperion, while other times it would use the Emrakul package.

Blood Moon is on the outs these days, but with Opt and Glimmer of Genius making their way to Modern recently, the deck can function more like a combo deck than control deck, which is exactly how I like to play my Emrakuls.

The deck has a lot of cards that function as both combo enabler as well as control or protection pieces. Izzet Charm offers the most versatility in this – all three modes are quite relevant in Modern – but the deck goes further with Remand and Cryptic Command digging you into your deck while buying time to fighting Counterspell wars. A smattering of removal (including Izzet Charm) means the deck can buy time to kill a combo creature when needed, all without diluting the deck from its main focus too much.

The result is a deck that plays largely on its own terms and forces opponents to do the same, given how just one attack with Emrakul ends the game on the spot 99% of the time and can come out of nowhere – at instant speed – with this deck.

This felt like a throwback in a lot of ways. I used to play Splinter Twin when it was in Standard, and I love the draw-go-counter-combo way this plays out. I know that's not everyone's style, but if it sounds like it's up your alley you won't find a better or more flexible deck to annihilate people with!

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler