We may be moving away from Eldritch Moon, but even while we forget about creepy ol' Innistrad and move into the new shiny world (literally) of Kaladesh, it appears that the cards from Eldritch Moon won't be forgotten.

There were several hyped cards on the set's release, including Thing in the Ice. While it's taken some time to break into Modern the Horror has finally done so, appearing in multiple tier decks and putting up results on Magic Online.

Thing in the Ice in our 75 this week, but it's not even the best card from Eldritch Moon to make an appearance.

That honor goes to Bedlam Reveler.

Bedlam Reveler has been somewhat under the radar in Modern recently, but that may change quickly after Gary Lau took down a World Magic Cup qualifier in Australia with this saucy take on Blue-Red Prowess, an archetype that has gained a little popularity since the printing of Stormchaser Mage in Oath of the Gatewatch. While the deck struggled some in its early days, Bedlam Reveler makes all the difference in the world. Suddenly all those cycling spells you're playing to power up your Prowess creatures also allow to cast the Reveler early in the game, refilling your hand and adding another threat to the board.

Mana reduction has bitten Wizards time and again, with Phyrexian mana and delve leading to trouble spots in Modern across the board. And while Lau eschewed Become Immense heredespite playing its buddy Temur Battle Rage, the truth is the deck doesn't need it. Thanks to the nine Phyrexian mana spells in the maindeck getting a creature up to 4 power isn't much of a challenge at all, and Temur Battle Rage is nearly always still lethal at that point. And with the consistency added by Reveler, Lau was able to avoid the gimmicky and risky nature of the "combo."

It's hard to overstate how important Bedlam Reveler is to this deck. It is yet another cost-reduction mechanic that leads to an insane card. This is regularly a two-cost prowess creature on the fourth turn that happens to draw you three cards. It chains into more Revelers and ensures the gas never stops coming—all while coming attached to a 3/4 body that is itself a giant threat.

The sideboard addresses the normal issues, and Thing in the Ice makes an appearance. Despite being a two-mana defender in a deck full of haste creatures looking to go big, the truth is Thing in the Ice is a huge threat due to how quickly it can transform in this deck.

The one change I made to Tau's decklist was to turn one of the Bloodstained Mires into a Stomping Ground. In testing I was finding that all the Phyrexian mana cards alongside the mana base were simply costing me too much life, and it feels harmless enough to make the change to allow access to green mana to cast the Mutagenic Growths. I don't think we want to go as far as adding the Become Immense because delve conflicts with Reveler, but turning the Vandalblasts into Ancient Grudges feels pretty reasonable after this change, and it's possible that Destructive Revelry could be a consideration though that's a lot more punishing than Ancient Grudge if you don't have access to green.

This deck can kill out of nowhere, and thanks to Reveler and plenty of card draw to find it, Blue-Red Prowess can also grind with the best of them. It's been a lot of fun to play and – as Lau's first-place finish shows us, it's also plenty competitive. Heck, it's even pretty affordable outside of the Scalding Tarns.


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Corbin Hosler