Today I want to do something slightly different. Autumn Burchett won the Mythic Championship in Cleveland last weekend (I got to cover the finals!) Both to honor Autumn's historic victory and to have some fun brewing in Modern, I've done my best to port their list over to the format (shoutout to James from my LGS for the suggestions!)

Without any more, enjoy Burchett Blue in Modern!

Unsurprisingly, the deck looks very similar to Burchett's championship Standard list. It turns out Pteramander is just an absurd Magic card in older formats and drawing a bunch of extra cards with Curious Obsession is even better in Modern than in Standard. Siren Stormtamer takes on even more value in a format with so many targeted spells you'll want to counter—that's a nice Lightning Storm you've got there, Ad Nauseam—it puts in a ton of work.

But one huge addition is Mausoleum Wanderer. I've played with this card quite a bit at this point, from Spirits to Blue Steel to casting it and pretending it's a Merfolk. It picks up an Obsession with the best of 'em, but more importantly it protects the rest of your team—or, you know, your life—without having to hold up mana.

The countermagic suite gets what I think is a bit of an upgrade. Wizard's Retort is obviously great and possibly correct to play here, but since our deck wants to win by turn four or five most of the time I think Mana Leak accomplishes the same thing without ever needing to spend a third mana. After sideboarding, Deprive is another all-star, though the sideboard I used this week is definitely just a first draft.

I also spent some time theorycrafting the Merfolk Trickster spot. Snapcaster Mage is obviously great, but it's often a three-mana play in a deck with just 18 lands. Rattlechains was another consideration, but in the end I decided that the deck already had the best candidate for the job in good ol' Merfolk Trickster. Tempest Djinn still acts as your finisher, while the removal and cantrips in the rest of the deck get a bit of an upgrade.

All in all, it's safe to say that Salamander Drakes will be in your Modern future, whether it's in this shell or not. The card was the most impressive during my games, and for a card reminiscent of Delver of Secrets, Pteramander might actually have the pedigree to be just as relevant in Eternal formats.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler