Every time I think Modern is "solved" – that we know the decks in the format, that while they might shift and move the format is still a known entity – I've been proven wrong. Unfortunately, that usually means a new degenerate combo deck is making the rounds, but occasionally we get something like Bant Spirits that comes along and shakes thing up in a fair way.

Today's deck straddles that line perfectly – and how you view the deck depends entirely on what you think of Cragganwick Cremator.

This deck is something wild. I know there's been a bunch of complaints about the Buy-A-Box promos, but I don't think anyone had quite this in mind when they voiced those concerns. But the truth is this deck would not exist without Impervious Greatwurm. It's a funky, uncastable card in all but the token-y of decks and doesn't even come with trample, but the plan here is to never cast the card. In fact, if it ends up in play something has gone wrong.

The plan is much more sinister than that – we're going to discard the 16/16 to Cragganwick Cremator and end the game in one giant blow to our opponent's face. Just Cragganwick things.

The deck that forms around this "combo" takes the form of one of my pet cards in Modern and one I advocate for all the time specifically because of its power in decks like this: Eldritch Evolution. And its best – and it hits its best quite often here – it's a game-ending tutor that few other cards in Modern can match. And even when it's forced to play a more "fair" role, sacrificing a Strangleroot Geist to nab a Nullhide Ferox or Surrak, the Hunt Caller is a ton of value packed into one three-mana card.

This deck has a relatively slowly beatdown plan, but it has to be respected – curving Noble Hierarch into Steel Leaf Champion applies pressure quickly – which enables you to get into drawn-out boardstates where you can use Fauna Shaman and Eldritch Evolution to set up your "combo," or in some cases just deploy your giant threats and go to town, sometimes with haste if you can get Surrak involved.

I don't know how well-positioned this deck is in the greater Modern metagame, but it's the most enjoyable deck to break into the format in many months (and maybe years), and I'll guarantee that you won't be disappointed if you decide to sleeve it up.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler