A few months ago, I shared Dredge in this column. I'm pretty proud of showcasing it when I did, since I was able to share the deck several weeks before its breakout tournament-winning performance. Since then, Dredge has become a metagame staple, increased vastly in price and gone through several changes, so I'm glad I was able to be at the forefront of that push.

Back then, there were a ton of lists floating around, and no one was quite sure what the best build of the deck was. In the months since, repetition has done what it does and it seems there has been some consensus built about what the best Dredge deck is–namely, it's the version that eschews Bridge from Below and Greater Gargadon in favor of more consistency in the form of Conflagrate and Life from the Loam.

There are also a few key additions from new sets. Collective Brutality is a great all-around card, providing a discard outlet while also removing creatures, gaining life against aggressive decks or stripping key cards from opponents' hands. It fills a lot of gaps with the deck, and is great in the 75 for its flexibility. The other card is a game-changer from Kaladesh: Cathartic Reunion. "Hugs" is the best dredge enabler since Insolent Neonate, and is in fact better in most ways. You get to discard your dredge cards immediately, and then draw three cards, or more accurately dredge. Ideal starts with this deck can now see up to 24 cards milled by the end of the second turn. That leads to some pretty big Prized Amalgam board states before your opponent is even off the ground.

With so many new goodies for Dredge, it's no wonder to see it making 5-0 appearances in Modern leagues.

Now that Dredge is a known part of the metagame, it's no longer a fringe deck that can surprise opponents. The sideboard hate will be ready, and while most of it is beatable it is something that only practice with the deck can help you play around optimally. But if graveyard hate ever fades away, you can bet that Dredge will be there to take full advantage.

The deck is still a blast to play, and I highly recommend it at the local level. Because it's actually a fairly intricate deck to play optimally (and I know I made a few mistakes in the videos), I suggest putting in a lot of practice with the deck before taking it to the next level. But the deck does scale very well with player skill, so if you keep working at it Dredge will reward you.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler
@Chosler88 on Twitter/Twitch