Merry Christmas!

You know what that means for Mining Modern – a theme deck! And thanks to reader suggestions, we got a spicy one this time around. And because we're all about the holiday spirit around here, I decided that in the spirit of giving it would be nice of us to give our opponent some gifts.

Who doesn't like presents?

Sure, maybe we're giving them Demonic Pact, but a gift's a gift, right?

But we don't stop there. Giving them Demonic Pact with Harmless Offering just in time to lose the game not enough for you? How about we give them a Phage the Untouchable? Yeah, sure that one doesn't actually kill them….

Unless we give them Phage with Endless Whispers.

If you can play Phage with Endless Whispers out and then remove Phage from play, it will return to the battlefield under the opponent's control after that, killing them on the spot thanks to Phage's ability. And we've gone even deeper since we're all about giving gifts – how about Bronze Bombshell? That's a sweet combo with Endless Whispers – it goes back and forth spreading holiday cheer.

This may not be the most competitive deck we've ever played on Mining Modern, but I do think Game 1 of Match 1 against Blue-Red Kiki-Jiki Combo may just be the best single match I've ever been a part of since I started this series more than a year and a half ago. If you do nothing else, I highly suggest watching that game, it was everything I wanted Christmas to be.

Until next year, enjoy the holidays and I'll see you in 2018! It's been a great year for me both personally and professionally, and sharing these videos with you all is the highlight of my week every week. I read every comment and try to respond when I can, because I truly appreciate every person who takes Time Out of their lives to read or watch my content.

Thanks again, and I'll see you next year!

- Corbin Hosler