I've played a lot of different decks for Mining Modern. Good decks, bad decks, creative decks and some more on the "dull" side. I enjoy playing the wide range of decks the format has to offer, and each one can teach us something.

We definitely learned something this week, as the two-card combination you never knew you needed in your life came together.

Boomerang and Fevered Visions.

A friend sent me this list (I'm not sure where it originated), and I absolutely had to give it a shot. After all, there is a certain joy to be found in keeping opponents from playing Magic, and this deck does so in one of the most enjoyable ways possible – by simply bouncing everything they try to do.

It's a straightforward game plan – take advantage of Boomerang, Eye of Nowhere, Wipe Away and Remand to keep opponents from ever getting anything to stick on the board. While they're struggling to even play Magic, we deploy a Fevered Visions and laugh all the way to the bank, drawing extra bounce spells while they slowly die to the Fevered Visions.

When it works, it's great – we were even able to take down Death's Shadow, the de facto best deck in Modern. Pyromancer Ascension provides a great complement to Fevered Vision, and the rest of the deck sets up our engine while filling in the gaps. Thought Scour is the cantrip of choice given its synergy with Pyromancer Ascension, while Engul the Shore cleans up if we fall behind. Lightning Bolt serves both as removal and a win condition with Pyromancer Ascension, while Blood Moon provides free wins from time to time. Day's Undoing ties it all together; after all, who cares about the turn ending when you can just Boomerang your opponent's one land in their upkeep?

The sideboard further shores up matchups. Decks have to commit early to get ahead of your bounce spells, and Anger of the Gods is the perfect answer when that happens. Everything else in the board serves to help with particular matchups, from Crumble to Dust for Tron – which is especially effective given the primary Boomerang gameplan – to Counterflux to simply laugh at combo decks like Ad Nauseam that are used to having Pact of Negation to protect their combo.

Do I think this deck is going to light the Modern world on fire? Probably not. Speaking of fire, the Burn matchup – as we demonstrated here – is probably just unwinnable. That said, can this deck pick up wins? It certainly can. And it's most definitely a fun, unique way to experience Modern. It takes a certain kind of person to take enjoyment in casting Boomerang on a land every turn, but it turns out I am exactly that person.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler