Leave it up to Caleb. Quite possible Magic's best streamer, Caleb Durward livestreamed himself taking this wild brew to a 5-0 League finish last week, and I can't think of a better content creator to spotlight by playing their deck than Caleb.

By the way, Rhythm of the Wild? Pretty nutty in Modern.

This deck pushes Rhythm of the Wild in a pretty interesting direction in Modern, essentially slotting it into a Ponza-style decklist by removing the land destruction and adding some ramp creatures to advance to the top end. And don't worry, the land destruction didn't go anywhere—it just shifted to Deus of Calamity, which is about as big of a five-mana beating possible with a Rhythm of the Wild out.

Ramp, payoff spells, Bloodbraid Elf to tie it all together and Rhythm of the Wild to keep it unpredictable, and you have a very solid and well-positioned brew that exploits the convenient lack of small creature decks in the metagame, which has caused players to shift away from removal-heavy decks.

Were I adjusting numbers on this deck, I'd be looking to shave a Birds of Paradise or two and include another mid-level payoff card—probably something like Blood Moon—to the main deck. That said, the list as-is represents a very straightforward and powerful game one plan and can sideboard into all the land destruction you want if you choose to go that route.

I really like some of the sideboard options available to this deck. Cindervines is a new inclusion but a very powerful one with application against multiple decks, while Trinisphere functions as a catchall answer against most combo decks. Ancient Grudge itself is worth the price of admission in red-green, and if you really wanted you could add Damping Sphere or Alpine Moon to take on land-focused decks.

As is, this deck is powerful if left unchecked. Arbor Elf and Utopia Sprawl equals four mana on turn two, which is conveniently enough for a devastating early Bloodbraid Elf. Even more common are starts with five six mana on turn three, which means Deus of Calamity or Inferno Titan to put the pressure on immediately, and in the case of the Titan cleans up boards of creatures quite well.

If your meta is hostile to Arbor Elf starts this may not be the deck for you right now, but if you like slamming giant creatures early than I would definitely recommend giving this deck a shot; Ponza-style strategies like this play a very unique game of Magic that can be really appealing.

Corbin Hosler

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