Today we have a viewer-submitted special! Huge shoutout to Dylan Kruse (@dylan_mtg) who shipped me this list a few months ago. It checked almost every box I have for a great Mining Modern deck, so let's dive right into Heartless Bridgevine!

For anyone interested in sending in suggestions, the best place to reach me is my Twitter. I receive a lot more suggestions than I can play but I love chatting with people about their brews so keep sending ideas my way! Like I said, this checked a lot of boxes for me. Dylan had a proven core but a tweak that was a significant enough alteration to the deck that it reasonable became a "new" deck. It had the novelty I love in a good Mining Modern brew—Myr Superion? Yes please—but importantly it also had a proof of concept in the form of a 4-1 finish in a MTGO league.

I tweaked the deck a bit and ended up at the version you see above. Here's how it works: at its core it's a Bridgevine deck, which wants to use all of its discard and looting effects to fill the graveyard with value creatures like Vengevine. The traditional deck uses a bunch of X-creatures like Endless One and Walking Ballista to play for zero and bring back the hasty 4/3s. If that doesn't work, sacrifice effects and Bridge from Below can create an impressive Zombie army.

Of course, the impressive starts come with a drawback—an inconsistent deck that produces many awkward draws that do little-to-nothing. What I like about this brew is that it attempts to address that problem. What if our "zero-drops" both triggered the graveyard cards and were individually strong? That's the idea here, as Myr Superion is quite the beater while also triggering Vengevine if you have a Heartless Summoning out. Even in the worst-case scenario where the card is dead in your hand, well, it's a Faithless Looting deck. Commune with the Gods is the perfect touch here, finding you your combo creatures or Heartless Summoning while also filling your graveyard.

Oh, did I say combo? Yeah, this deck does that too. With Heartless Summoning out, Myr Retriever costs zero but dies immediately. That triggers its ability in the graveyard, and if you have a second Retriever there you can form an infinite loop of enters/leaves the battlefield abilities. With Grim Haruspex out, that draws you your deck. With Bridge from Below, it makes infinite Zombies. And with two red mana and the Goblin Bushwhacker you'll eventually draw, you can kill your opponent on the spot.

Not bad for a card that can also be played "fairly" to help the other broken Vengevine half of your deck, right?

All in all, I'm not sure if this is an upgrade on the original—it still has many of the weaknesses of the original, but it does add an interesting element that keeps opponents off-guard. But more than anything, trying out stuff like this is how you find better decks. There have been multiple Modern decks through the years that sat undiscovered despite all the cards being available, and those decks only come about because of brews like this. That's why I loved playing this so much, and I hope you enjoyed the episode as well!

Corbin Hosler

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