When I first started playing Magic, I was like most other new players. I found a few cards I liked and ran with it. The result, of course, was some sort of 67-card monstrosity that didn't care about mana fixing, curve considerations or anything other than "RAWR MY THEME."

My thing was Treefolk.

Blasphemy, I know, coming from the Merfolk fan of all Merfolk fans. But it was Doran, the Siege Tower that first stole my heart. So when I was sent a deck trying to make Treefolk work in Modern by judge extraordinaire Adam – whom I've watched do a great job judging the Top 8 of multiple Grand Prix – I knew I had to give it a shot.

The idea behind the deck is fairly straightforward: use either Heartless Summoning or Bosk Banneret to turbo out a bunch of giant trees. There are a lot of five-drops in the deck, but that's not such a big deal when they can come down on turn three and not really care about the -1/-1 Heartless Summoning bestows on them.

And boy, does this deck have some powerful trees in it. Leaf-Crowned Elder is the marquee one, given that it can allow you to chain a bunch of other Treefolk into play for free, but that's just the tip of the branch here. There is little that feels better than using a third-turn Leaf-Crowned Elder to put a Timber Protector into play for free, and this deck can make that happen at a hair under 50% every upkeep you have Leaf-Crowned Elder in play. And if you are fortunate enough to have multiples on the battlefield, you can chain together multiple other trees.

Dungrove Elder is a nice addition to the deck, and with the normal fetch land / shock land mana base being joined by honorary Forest Murmuring Bosk – which is both a Forest for Treefolk purposes and a flavor home run to boot, not to mention a powerful tri-land in itself – you can cast all of your spells without much a problem while still growing a giant Dungrove Elder. And Dungrove Elder's older and bigger brother Dauntless Dourbark is here as well, commonly coming down as a 6/6 or bigger for four mana – or two mana with a Heartless Summoning in play.

One of the sweetest cards in the deck is Treefolk Harbinger. It serves a lot of roles here: it's a way to put a land on top of your deck when you need one, it can set up whatever draw you need (or Leaf-Crowned Elder trigger), it blocks well and when Doran, the Siege Tower is involved it attacks as a 3/3 as well. I included one Unstoppable Ash here as well, both because it plays perfectly with Doran but also because it feels great to champion a Treefolk Harbinger with the must-answer Unstoppable Ash, which gives you a free Harbinger trigger when they do remove the Ash.

Throw in some removal and a sideboard of powerful cards – my favorite being Treefolk-themed Reach of Branches – and you've got a deck.

Now, while this deck is a ton of fun and powerful in the right matchups, we aren't taking Modern by Storm here – or ever really beating Storm at all, actually. The biggest problem with the deck is it lacks much true card advantage, and given how expensive all the Treefolk are Collected Company isn't really the band-aid option it is for many decks. Still, I loved revisiting the Trees, and in the right meta this can absolutely dominate a crowded board.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler