I can't wait for Guilds of Ravnica to hit Magic Online and start playing with all the sweet new cards – not to mention how awesome Standard will be after rotation (at least for a while) – but until then I've decided to get into the Ravnica flavor by breaking out some Izzet Wizards.

This deck has been putting up some 5-0 finishes online recently, and Jeff Hoogland piloted a version of it to a Top 8 finish at a SCG event a few months ago. Dominaria was the gamechanger for this Delver of Secrets strategy, with Wizard's Lightning really changing the landscape. There's something about having eight Lightning Bolts in your deck that makes it easy to finish off those last few points of damage where older lists lacked enough punch finish things off. Also known as "reach," the ability to end games even after an opponent has dealt with your board is key to the success of aggressive decks, and this exemplifies that.

In fact, this deck really pushes that, even playing a pair of Burst Lightning to round it out. Perfectly serviceable as a Shock, it sometimes gets to come off the top of the deck and deal four damage to an opponent's face, something most players won't be used to playing around.

Nimble Obstructionist is the other newer inclusion, and it does a lot of work here. A 3/1 flash flier is nothing to write off, and the ability to cycle comes up all the time in Modern. Whether it's stopping a Karn or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon or keeping a combo deck from going off, the Stifle ability is quite relevant – at least when it also nets you a card and is a 3/1 flier when you need it to be.

Throw in a smattering of countermagic and some more one-drops in Grim Lavamancer (great for burning opponents out or controlling the board) and even Soul-Scar Mage (which is better than you think), the deck can apply quite a bit of early pressure while having burn and countermagic to back it up – plus Snapcaster Mage for a second helping of whatever you want.

I'm not sure how the deck lines up in the current Modern format, but blue-red tempo strategies have popped in and out of favor in the format for a long time, and for the foreseeable future it's Wizards that best take up that mantle.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler