Modern is great. It's diverse. Anything can win. You can throw together a ham sandwich and win some games. So on and so forth. You've heard all the platitudes about Modern from me before. About how there are a bunch of tier two decks that on a good weekend can win the big tournament or Top 8 a Grand Prix. [Editor's Note: Remember Skred Red?]

We cover plenty of those here. What we don't do as often is celebrate holidays. And yet when we did – with a special Christmas-themed Elves deck – it proved pretty popular. With that in mind, content director Adam Styborski suggested I run it back for the fourth of July, or Independence Day here in America (all you need to know here if you want more details).

That's all the excuse I needed, and I ran with the red, white and blue. Maybe a little too far.

How about some Freedom Fliers?

As you can see, I had as much fun as possible with the theme, and came up with a pretty solid deck as well. For starters, every creature in this deck flies – after all, there aren't enough Eagles in Magic to do Bald Eagle tribal – and they attack pretty well. We're essentially a tempo deck, with the ability to harshly punish opponents who stumble out of the gates. With Aether Vial and a solid curve, this deck can get on the board very quickly, and turn the corner in a flash thanks to Mantis Rider, Pride of the Clouds (that thing gets big) and Lightning Angel.

But there's more to it than just that. Thanks to Judge's Familiar, Mausoleum Wanderer and especially Spell Queller, this deck actually packs a surprising amount of interaction into its creature shell. Backed up by Lightning Bolt and a few Path to Exile to clean up, this deck can keep an opponent entirely off-balance while delivering the sweet taste of freedom through the air.

Favorable Winds serves as additional pump in the deck, and actually does some pretty cute things with Mausoleum Wanderer. Serra Avenger is obviously slow without an Aether Vial, but I came to the conclusion it was worth playing because it increases the number of nigh-unbeatable draws the deck has with its ability to mix it up and both offense and defense. Fill out a sideboard with some of the best situational cards in Modern, and you end up with a deck that manages to stay completely on-theme while also holding its own in the Modern metagame.

If you're looking to mix it up in Modern or just watch your opponents realize they simply can't interact with a Serra Avenger into Mantis Rider into Spell Queller curve, I highly suggest adding a little freedom to your Modern diet.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler