Welcome back! I'm fresh off of a Top 8 at Dreamhack Austin and ready to mine some Modern! I know most of the other authors here do that sort of thing regularly, but it's rare for me to get to play in big tournaments so it was an exciting weekend

Made Top 8 of the #DHATX17 10k! @cascadegamesllc pic.twitter.com/uFhhhG9sJQ

— Corbin Hosler (@Chosler88) April 30, 2017

One of my favorite parts of this series is interacting with viewers/readers. I play a lot of different decks obviously, and I certainly don't design most of them myself. When someone ships me a deck idea, I try to file it away to possibly visit in the future, and I love being able to credit the deck designer when possible.

Anyway, how about some Blood Moons? Eight of them, to be exact. And maybe some Platinum Emperion.

Credit for this one goes to Tyler Green, a local who has been tearing up the scene with this beauty of a prison deck. We all know about the power of Blood Moon at this point, and going a step further and adding Magus of the Moon allows the deck even more broken starts with Simian Spirit Guide, not to mention some Blood Moon redundancy – with the added bonus that Magus of the Moon can attack and block as well.

Teaming Blood Moon up with Madcap Experiment and Platinum Emperion is nothing new, of course, but this shell feels much more at home than the traditional Blue Moon build. Counters like Cryptic Command are great for their versatility, but playing reactive Magic in Modern is inherently risky in such a diverse format. Instead this build eschews blue for black and gets with it the power of some of the best staples in the format in Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize and newcomer Fatal Push. The pair of discard spells form the backbone of many a deck in Modern, and they police the format harder than any particular countermagic can.

All of which clears the way for the Madcap combo. Sure, there will be rare games where you flip Platinum Emperion to Dark Confidant, but Confidant provides some additional much-needed card advantage, so that's a risk you take. Plus, Confidant with Platinum Emperion out is just free card draw, which in stalled-out games (not uncommon with this deck), can pull you ahead for the win.

Speaking of board stalls, nothing cleans up better than Pack Rat. I made that addition myself, but I was super impressed with it and could see adding another as a win condition. While you obviously get plenty of free wins with Blood Moon effects in this deck, sometimes you land Emperion but can't attack with it. Pack Rat shines in that scenario, and also allows you to turn redundant copies of Blood Moon into something, a problem other Blood Moon decks have never really solved.

Liliana of the Veil is the other piece of the puzzle, providing yet another way to "use" extra Blood Moons, not to mention her regular role as "best planeswalker in Modern." A heaping of removal and Kolaghan's Command round out the deck, and the sideboard can be built to answer whatever your metagame looks like. Slaughter Games is the MVP against combo deck to follow up on the discard spells, and the rest is tailored to common matchups. While the Havoc Festival in the sideboard was a fun one that was in the list I got, if I were taking this to a major tournament tomorrow I'd run a third Surgical Extraction instead.

Speaking of tournaments, I just got to play some real Magic! I'm at a lot of tournaments, but it's typically in my role as a coverage reporter, not a player, so playing at Dreamhack Austin (the first major Magic tournament at such an event) was really cool. Qualifying for the 10k on Sunday and then making the Top 8 is even sweeter. It's nice to know I still have that in me from time to time.

Anyway, as always thanks for reading!

- Corbin Hosler