As followers of Mining Modern know, I am constantly on the lookout for new Modern decks. The beautiful thing about the format is that there are so many decks, so many versions of those decks, and so many developments from new sets I feel like I'll almost never run out of decks to play, even if we do end up with some pretty jank ones from time to time.

Sometimes, something awesome falls into my lap.

Perusing Magic Online decklists, I found this gem from immapwner, who went 5-0 in a league with it. Combine a 5-0 performance, Butcher of the Horde and Hide // Seek, and there was no way I wasn't gonna give it a shot.

This Mardu deck has a lot going for it that the Nahiri, the Harbinger versions don't. While it doesn't possess a win condition as potent as Emrakul, it has a lot more resilient threats. Namely, Bitterblossom is incredible in this shell, and won us several games by itself. It also combines with the Lingering Souls to make a package that is very attractive for Butcher of the Horde. With so many tokens floating around, it's quite easy to cast Butcher on the fourth turn and eat a token for haste, and sometimes a second one for lifelink or vigilance. Butcher is conveniently a four-toughness creature, which also means it dodges Lightning Bolt.

Really, the entire deck is pretty resilient to removal. Abbott of Keral Keep gets you value from being cast, while Lingering Souls laughs at point removal. Dark Confidant almost always draws out the removal spell, which is fine because it sets up for your Butcher.

Looking past the creature suite, the deck packs a ton of disruption. Six discard spells help you interact with the opponent preemptively, while the 13 removal spells mean they're unlikely to stick a threat for long.

Looking to the sideboard, it's a well-rounded selection with some of the best sideboard colors in Modern. Anger of the Gods and Blood Moon do a lot to shore up their respective matchups, while Rest in Peace and Stony Silence can shut down opposing strategies entirely. A fun piece of technology in the sideboard is Hide // Seek, a card I haven't seen played in years but makes a lot of sense. While one half of it can provide additional artifact and enchantment hate if needed, it's the Seek side that really shines. Imagine a situation where your Jeskai Nahiri opponents gets Nahiri up to eight loyalty, ultimates her and expects to win the game. In response you cast Seek, exile the Emrakul from their deck and gain 15 to boot.

Overall, this was a fun take on Mardu, and while it can draw some clunky hands there is a lot to like here.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler