Few things allow you to experience such pure Magic as playing Mill. For whatever reason, once new players learn about the alternative win condition they can't help but try to achieve it themselves. Mill is an incredibly popular archetype amongst the casual/newer crowd, and I was no different back when I started playing.

So it brings me complete joy to play the deck today as a competitive Modern archetype.

The big addition here is Mission Briefing. The Guilds of Ravnica rare has completely revitalized the archetype thanks to its interaction with Archive Trap. Thanks to the way the card is worded, it allows you to cast Archive Trap a second time while paying the alternate cost of zero if an opponent searched their deck. That means 13 cards for two mana, the best rate in the game outside of a free Archive Trap.

It's extremely powerful, which allows the deck to win by milling while using fewer actual mill cards, which means it can add flexibility and interaction to get by against the rest of the format while surviving long enough to run their library out of cards.

That interaction comes in a few forms. Fatal Push and Inquisition of Kozilek are black staples that this deck finally finds room to include with the updated list. Crypt Incursion and Surgical Extraction offer a different kind of interaction – not to mention a way to beat Eldrazi shuffle triggers in game one – while Ensnaring Bridge goes over the top and prevents much interaction at all.

In all, this may be the most potent version of the Mill deck yet, and this is a deck that has popped its head up from time to time at the competitive level. I mean, heck, I've seen this deck go 9-0 on Day 1 of a Grand Prix before, and that was well before the latest round of upgrades. Throw in a flexible sideboard that plugs up some of the holes in the deck – Collective Brutality is a hell of a card, by the way – and you have a brew that represents the dream come true for every casual Mill player out there.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler