I won't lie, I like land destruction (or "land death" if you're Conley). I know that probably makes me an evil Magic player or something—and trust me, I get it—but I have to admit there's something incredibly satisfying about casting back-to-back Plow Under on your opponent on turns three and four and knowing that even the game's most variant aspect—the draw step—is under you control.

In other news, I also like to play Lantern Control. Sue me. But before you do, watch one of the most enjoyable Modern decks I've ever come across: Mono-Green Control.

Michael Neilson finished third at a SCG IQ with this particular build of the deck, and you can read about his take on the deck here.

After playing with it myself, I think the deck has some very strong strengths and some very key weaknesses. That is to say, it's like a lot of Modern decks in that way. And while this deck is nowhere near "broken" enough to ever be a top-tier competitive deck, it's absolutely viable at the FNM level – I just don't think it's winning a GP anytime soon. It can struggle with fast decks or decks that can get out early and then play interaction (see our match with Grixis Death's Shadow for Example A).

But what this deck does, it does very well. The Utopia Sprawl/Arbor Elf package has proven itself to be enormously potent in Modern, and that shines through here as the deck aims to skip two-mana plays entirely in the main deck and play a Trinisphere or even Mwonvuli Acid-Moss on the second turn, depending on how well your ramping went. But just in case, there is Repudiate // Replicate, a powerful new Ravnica Allegiance card that actually fits in perfectly here. Stifle has always been a powerful effect, and while this isn't quite Stifle it does a nice impression in a pinch. The fact it can copy a value creature later on is icing on the cake.

After you've ramped, it's time to start the land death. This deck doesn't lack for ways to do that, with Acidic Slime, Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, Primal Command and even Plow Under getting in on the action. Heck, Acidic Slime and Primal Command actually deal with a wide range of problematic permanents, and Acidic Slime sticks around to trade with something after.

Primal Command is really the glue of the deck, though, as it does everything you want. Versatile? Check. Land destruction? Check. Tutor for the silver bullet creatures in your deck, or just another Eternal Witness? Check. Additional utility on top of that—life gain against Red or graveyard hate against Dredge—in the main? Check, check, check.

The endgame engine involves a weird one: Stampeding Serow. But it does a unique job here, giving you a form of card advantage as it picks up your powerful enters-the-battlefield creatures and allows you to replay them. If Eternal Witness is involved you can even loop Primal Command and deny an opponent a draw step for the rest of the game. Rounding things out is Vivien Reid, which is an extremely powerful planeswalker in Modern. Six loyalty after one activation is a ton, and it serves perfectly to help smooth the deck out, finding you lands or creatures when needed or acting as conditional removal in other cases.

All in all, Mono-Green Control is way better than I thought it was at first, and I'll be honest—I'm thinking of sleeving it up myself in paper to make a run at FNM.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler