You asked for it, and it's here.

During my videos on the Doran Zur Rock deck last month, I nearly lost to a completely off-the-wall red deck. I was taken with the deck at first sight.

I reached out to the player from that match and asked him to share his decklist with us. Peter Kelly was kind enough to respond, and he shared his list with me. I played a bunch of games with the deck to get a feel for it before making a few small tweaks, and it's a doozy.


If you weren't aware, this was a fringe Standard deck back in Avacyn Restored, and it's only gotten more fun since then. The plan is straightforward:

To accomplish those three steps, the deck has a lot of moving pieces. Token-makers include Dragon Fodder and Hordeling Outburst, while Faithless Looting helps the deck sculpt a hand. Gitaxian Probe and Manamorphose are essentially "free" cards that also work with Young Pyromancer, the true MVP.

Young Pyromancer makes an absurd amount of tokens in this deck, fueling Infernal Plunge and Battle Hymn. From there, Faithless Looting, Manamorphose, and Gitaxian Probe all draw towards Reforge the Soul, allowing the deck to continue comboing off. Eventually the opponent dies to a massive Burn at the Stake or a few huge creatures. In the games where the deck truly combos off, it probably makes more mana than any deck that doesn't make infinite mana; I had access to over 1,000 mana on this turn and had the storm count up to 55 before Magic Online started lagging so much that I finally had to swing.

Ran out of time before mana; I wanted to go over 9,000 :( I had access to another 300 mana when this ended.

— Corbin Hosler (@Chosler88) August 23, 2016

I guarantee it's even more fun than it sounds. And the best part about the deck? It's incredibly budget friendly. The entire thing clocks in at just over $100 in paper, and if you cut the Defense Grid (not essential) from the sideboard it falls under $100. It's just 50 tix on Magic Online, making this a great budget option for two-man queues.

After playing with the deck, I would find a card to cut to play a third Hordeling Outburst, and possibly a 19th land. I would start by cutting the second Increasing Vengeance, and it's possible either a Gitaxian Probe or Manamorphose could come out for the land, though I'm less sold on the necessity of that change.

Consider the sideboard a blank canvass. Peter Kelly suggested a switch into a midrange-y deck with Goblin and Reckless Bushwhacker as well as Abbot of Keral Keep and Goblin Rabblemaster. While I think that plan has some merit, it requires all of your slots, removes any possible interaction out of the board, and doesn't help beat Anger of the Gods. I opted for sideboard cards that interacted, but there's a lot of room to explore there; even if you don't go for the midrange transformation plan you can customize the sideboard (outside of Gut Shot, which are great to kill annoying creatures and trigger Young Pyromancer at instant-speed) to be whatever you need.

That's the deck, and I had a blast playing it. Thanks for reading, and good luck if you give it a try yourself!

Corbin Hosler
@Chosler88 on Twitter/Twitch