The way I hear it, White-Blue Monument is all the rage these days. I know it didn't show up at the Pro Tour, but it's still undoubtedly one of the best decks in the format. After all, Oketra's Monument is a heck of a card, and Spell Queller is great, of course. Not to mention the blowout that Dusk // Dawn always is.

One twist.

I'm talking about Modern.

It may sound crazy, but the White-Blue Oketra's Monument deck that has been tearing up Standard (at least before the rise of Ramunap Red) can be ported to Modern. And, it turns out, it's quite powerful when that happens. I found this list that 5-0'd a Magic Online league, and I had to give it a shot because, well, I couldn't believe at first that a deck playing Oketra's Monument could do any such thing in Modern.

I was wrong. This deck is solid.

Reflector Mage may be banned in Standard, but it makes a strong appearance in this Modern build of the deck, which combines tempo plays like Reflector Mage, Spell Queller and Judge's Familiar with the powerful late-game engine of Oketra's Monument. If you've never played Monument on turn three and then untapped and cast four Squadron Hawks on turn four – while making four tokens along the way – well, you haven't gone deep enough in Modern.

Dusk // Dawn may be even more a blowout in Modern than it is in Standard, and it gives you a game-changing card unlike many others in Modern. As you can see in the videos, the card gets you out of situations no other card can.

And this deck can even "combo." At least, that's what Oketra's Monument along with Whitemane Lion Whitemane Lion! – looks like. It's no Splinter Twin, but it will take over a game with tokens in short order if assembled. Path to Exile and Serum Visions allow the deck some consistency and interaction, while Wall of Omens and Sky Hussar seek to give the build some additional ways to dig through the deck while the tokens hold the ground.

There are definitely some weak parts of the deck – it doesn't close out games fast, and has limited interaction against combo, especially in game one. There is also a giant power gulf in games where the deck untaps with Oketra's Monument and those where it gets countered or meets an Abrupt Decay. I also would be interested in trying out Thraben Inspector over Judge's Familiar. Familiar flies and helps slow down opponents with its tax ability, but the reality of the deck's matchups means the Monument deck wants to grind out opponents with value, and Thraben Inspector does exactly that, not to mention provides another card that gives value from a Whitemane Lion bounce.

I'm not sure if this deck can hold its own over the long term in Modern, but as you can see in the videos, there is clearly some power going on here. If this fits your playstyle – or you just happen to have all these Standard cards anyway – I highly suggest giving Monument a spin.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler