Collected Company is a hell of a card. We all remember (not so) fondly its run of dominance in Standard, and while that was a high price to pay I believe Collected Company is a great card to have in the Modern format. It helps encourage creature decks, allows interplay with sweepers and counterspells and allows a lot of tier two decks to exist. Things like Slivers, Allies, Elves and more wouldn't exist without the four-mana instant to help shore up their draws and provide a top-end that they can take full advantage of.

It also helps traditional Zoo decks exist. Things like One-Drop Zoo or Tribal Zoo full of Kird Apes have largely fallen out of favor in Magic since the power creep on creatures forced those out of the metagame, but things that used to be known as "Big Zoo" can still thrive. These decks can be pretty straightforward, but have enough play and a proactive game plan – the most important thing possible in Modern right now.

This is just a few cards from what Jonatan Salling Hvass used to advance to the Top 8 of Denmark's World Magic Cup Qualifier not long ago, and I think it's decently positioned in Modern right now. Its aggressive Plan A is backed perfectly by Collected Company, and while it looks like a pure aggro deck it actually have a surprising amount of play to it.

Qasali Pridemage is one of the reasons for that. A solid turn two play to back up a Wild Nacatl, it allows its fellow cat to swing for 4 damage, but also has a lot of value with its second ability. It can take down anything out of Affinity or Bogles, nukes Ensnaring Bridge, kills Phyrexian Unlife and basically anything else you need it to hit.

The theme of versatility continues. Scavenging Ooze is not just a great late-game play that grows large, it gains life when needed and is key main deck graveyard in a format currently seeing a huge influx of Dredge. Loxodon Smiter serves as Liliana of the Veil blowout potential, while Knight of the Reliquary is a big beater who can also fetch up Kessig Wolf Run, Ghost Quarter, Horizon Canopy and Raging Ravine when the situation calls for it.

Thalia, Heretic Cathar is a new innovation to the deck, but one that works perfectly with what we're trying to do. While it serves the same basic function as Thalia, Guardian of Thraben in that it usually "taxes" opponents a mana, it does so in a way that doesn't affect your own removal spells and Collected Companies. It's also great in the creature mirror, with its ability giving you the advantage in races.

I believe strategies like this is the best place to be in Modern right now. With things like Dredge and Infect playing such big roles in the current metagame, the ability to enact your own game plan while still retaining ways to interact with the format at large is a must. Naya Company does that, and does it very well. It's well worth a try if attacking is your thing.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler

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