We've seen so many flavors of Eldrazi in Modern. Broken, now-banned Eldrazi. Bant Eldrazi. Eldrazi Tron. Mardu Eldrazi. Processor Eldrazi. Eldrazi and Taxes. Serum Powder Eldrazi. Mono-Black Eldrazi.

Basically, if you pair Eldrazi with Eldrazi Temple, you have a recipe for a playable Modern deck. And this week is no different – but it still manages to be both a unique and powerful Eldrazi deck.

And fun. After all, who doesn't like casting Threaten in Modern?

Eldrazi Obligator is a heck of a Magic card, and it forms the basis of this deck. By cutting out the unnecessary third color, this straight red-green flavor has a lot going for it. It retains a lot of the strengths of a deck like Bant Eldrazi – Ancient Stirrings, mana dorks, a strong curve and solid sideboard cards – with some of the best elements of a more straightforward deck like Eldrazi Tron. Namely, the ability to have straightforward mana that isn't as vulnerable to Blood Moon as some other builds of the deck.

Also, Eldrazi Obligator. Have I mentioned how much fun that card is?

When people think of the infamous Eldrazi Winter, chances are they remember the extremely consistent white-blue versions of the deck that dominated the GP circuit in the weeks following Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch, or they think of the Team ChannelFireball version that maximized consistency. But it was actually Jiachen Tao's Blue-Red version that took down the entire tournament.

A mainstay of that deck? Eldrazi Obligator. Not only was it a strong card in its own right, but it was also excellent in an Eldrazi-filled Top 8 since it could steal opposing otherworldly monsters at will, especially when ramped out by Eldrazi Skyspawner.

We've come a long way since then (R.I.P. Eye of Ugin), but Eldrazi Obligator remains an extremely potent card in Modern, especially with giant Death's Shadows now patrolling the format. Remember, even if your Obligator is countered or killed, you still get the Threaten effect, which is enough to swing matches in a hurry.

Outside of that, this deck doesn't differ too much from other Eldrazi builds – though having more spots for Scavenging Ooze and even Ulvenwald Tracker is a nice touch. If you're looking to steal yourself some Death's Shadow or just want to try a change of pace with Eldrazi, look no further than the Obligator.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler