I can't say I expected to be recording with this deck. Sarkhan, Fireblood is an overlooked Core Set 2019 card that has quietly impacted Modern in a big way. Mono-Red "prison" decks have existed for a while in the format, but nothing comes close to matching this build. It's Dragon Stompy all the way, and Sarkhan makes that surprisingly effective.

This deck may not look like much, but it has put up strong results since the release of Core Set 2019. Sarkhan, of course, is the centerpiece, doing everything for the deck from sculpting a hand to powering out powerful Dragons ahead of schedule. Dragon Stompy may not seem like an effective strategy in the super-powerful Modern format, but as you can see from the videos it can more than hold its own.

Blood Moon is, as always, great against most of the field. It can just power you to early wins, or at the very least can slow down your opponent. With Sarkhan in your deck, extra copies of the Moon aren't even wasted, as you can discard them for value with the newest three-mana planeswalker.

After that comes the Dragons. You can't overlook how big a deal accelerating out big Dragons is, and Sarkhan does that better than any other card in Modern. Stormbreath Dragon is immune to the most popular removal spells in the format, while Glorybringer will clean up any combat in a hurry.

Put it all together with a suite of card filtering and removal, and you have a deck extremely well-positioned against many of the top decks in the metagame. As expected, combo decks can be a problem, but this version of the mono-red deck can apply pressure while keeping them off their primary gameplan, while the creatures can make combat a nightmare for unprepared opponents.

I certainly didn't expect to be slinging Sarkhan, Fireblood in Modern, but here we are – the deck is explosive, resilient and quite possibly here to stay as the format moves forward.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler