There are many ways to play Magic. Aggressive or controlling strategies. Slow or fast-paced. Press an advantage or play around everything. Receptive and Interactive or with a narrow focus.

Or, sometimes, you just don't let your opponent play any Magic at all.

That's the goal of this deck – lock out the opponent. Two of the biggest prison cards in the format are both represented here: Chalice of the Void and Blood Moon.

You likely all know about Blood Moon. It locks many opponents out of the game, can completely mess up Tron players or players relying on a bunch of non-basics, and even against fair decks can take them off-guard and steal games. Blood Moon is one of the strongest hate cards in Modern, and it's extremely effective here, where we have plenty of Plains to offset it on our side.

Chalice of the Void is the other half, and it is a beating in Modern.


Chalice has so much versatility, from the always-fun play of just dropping it for zero to counter Living End or Ancestral Vision, but most often it is set to one and just turns off a huge number of spells in the format. Discard spells, Lightning Bolt, mana dorks, Serum Visions, Path to Exile… the list goes on and on.

And it's deadlier in this deck than just about anywhere else. The reason? Enter Simian Spirit Guide. Spirit Guide is more than just an Ad Nauseam combo enabler – it's a truly broken Magic card. Playing a Lotus Petal is usually just disadvantage in exchange for tempo, but in this deck resolving either Chalice or Blood Moon means we are likely stranding at least one card from our opponent, making it a card that "trades" more often than not. Add in the fact it enables the deck to do some truly dumb things – Turn 1 Blood Moon or Chalice on 1, or Turn 2 planeswalker – and this deck can explode out of the gates. Gemstone Caverns also helps to pull this off from time to time.

One of the other strong "hate" cards in Modern is Anger of the Gods, which we take full advantage of here. From blowing out Dredge to offing Kitchen Finks to just serving as a general board wipe, the spell is extremely well-positioned in Modern (though maybe a bit less so with the Golgari Grave-Troll banning). Lightning Helix and Wrath of God finish out the creature removal, while Banishing Light serves to answer other troublesome permanents.

So we have card denial, mana denial and creature denial – all that's left is a win condition. Planeswalkers generally fill the role, with Nahiri, the Harbinger being an all-star here. With the board locked down, Nahiri can go to work cleaning up before ending things with an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Chandra, Torch of Defiance is the other big hit, though Ajani Vengeant and Gideon Jura both do work as well. Assemble the Legion is the other win condition, and it's one of my favorite in Modern. Our deck guarantees the game to go long, and nothing is more insane than Assemble the Legion in grindy, long games.

This is how you "Prison" people out of the game, and it's a blast to play. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler