I like attacking with blue creatures. Merfolk, in particular. Which I guess now means green creatures as well. So sure, go ahead and sign me up for the deck that turns small blue and green creatures sideways.

I just didn't expect those blue and green creatures to look like this.

Welcome to Temur Stompy. I found this deck digging through recent 5-0 finishers in Magic Online leagues (shoutout to SimonPark for the finish), and as I worked out what it was meant to do, I knew I had to play it on Mining Modern. At first glance, this looks a bit like the Mono-Green Stompy decks that exist on the fringe of Modern, using evolve and undying creatures to pour resilient pressure onto opponents before using a big pump spell to finish things off.

But this is Mono-Green Stompy evolved. Cloudfin Raptor hasn't been seen since the days of Mono-Blue Devotion in Standard, but it's another powerful one-drop threat for the deck to play with, as is Narnam Renegade. Blue gives interaction in Spell Pierce and Vapor Snag, and Lightning Bolt from red is great reach in the aggro deck.

All of that makes sense – but it doesn't make it special. Instead, it's the one-two punch of Pongify and Rapid Hybridization that set this deck apart. Sure, those spells can be used to remove opposing creatures, turning problematic threats into 3/3 Apes or Frog Lizards (tiny Dinosaurs?), but that isn't how the spells are meant to be used in this deck.

These spells are for our own creatures, specifically Young Wolf and Strangleroot Geist. Think about it – a first-turn Cloudfin Raptor followed by a Young Wolf on turn two that immediately eats a Pongify leaves you with three evolve triggers on the Raptor – from the Wolf, the undying Wolf and the Pongify token – a 2/2 Wolf and a 3/3 Ape. That's eight power in play on turn two, as you swing with your 3/4 flier! Another note to keep in mind with this deck is the ability to fetch for Dryad Arbor to evolve your 0/1 Cloudfin Raptors.

From there, the deck rounds out nicely. Chart a Course is perfect here for reloading, Avatar of the Resolute is both a huge trampling attacker in its own right, but it also allows you to take the evolve chain even higher up. The sideboard provides interaction in the form of countermagic and key sideboard cards, though as you might notice in the videos it could probably use some graveyard interaction as well – I'd start by cutting the Magma Spray and Abrade for two Tormod's Crypt. Yes, this deck is that aggressive – even Relic of Progenitus is probably too "slow" because it eats up mana you want to use to aggro out your opponents as early as possible.

Temur Stompy is a ton of fun, and your rounds will probably be the first in the room to end. With a deck this fast, you can absolutely prey on a field of slower decks, and that makes it the perfect option for certain metagames. Until next week, evolve away!

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler