Modern Burn has long been stereotyped as one of the simplest Modern decks to play with, but each point of damage matters! One small mistake can be very costly. This is a deck that many of Magic's best players have taken into battle for high level events, there really is no shame in playing it. At the moment I believe Burn to be one of the best positioned decks in Modern. Beating up on Infect and Tron is not something a lot of decks can do. This is my recommended list, and what I was playing with during the games on Magic Online:


There isn't a ton of room for innovation because the cards have already been battle-tested. The one major decision is whether or not to play Wild Nacatl. Without Wild Nacatl there are more burn spells and the manabase is more straightforward, but playing a one-mana 3/3 is super powerful. There are definitely arguments both ways.

Burn is still great and I don't know why more people aren't playing it right now. Honestly, what decks in Modern is Burn scared of? Sure, there are decks like Soul Sisters, but most of those niche strategies barely see any play.

Looking at the matches on Magic Online, one of the perceived worst matchups for Burn is Jeskai Control, but we were able to take that one down. Geist of Saint Traft is an annoying card to have to deal with, but being able to win a game where the opponent casts Lightning Helix multiple times is encouraging. Sometimes the Jeskai player comes out of the gate a little bit slowly, and that is easy to capitalize on. This isn't a great matchup for Burn but it is close, and we were able to take it down in this case.

I will admit when playing versus Merfolk, Chalice of the Void was not a card I was prepared for. Currently, about half the Merfolk decks run Chalice of the Void in the board, so it is hard to know if they will have it. However, since AEther Vial is also a target for Destructive Revelry it is likely correct to board a couple in just in case something like what happened game two comes up. A Chalice of the Void is much worse for us when cast on the play, and that is what happened. On the flipside, when our opponent didn't have a Chalice of the Void the matchup felt pretty good. Sometimes games come down to if the opponent has their hate cards or not.

Merfolk and Jeskai Control are competitive matchups, and then there are others like Storm that are fantastic for Burn. We didn't need Eidolon of the Great Revel, even though they basically can't beat it. While the Storm player did fizzle in consecutive games, that wasn't very surprising since they weren't given much setup time to work with. I look forward to continuing playing Burn, and recommend others do the same.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield