If you love dogs and you're looking for a super fun deck to play at Friday Night Magic, you have come to the right place because today I'm going to share with you a semi-competitive tribal doggo deck for Modern!

I made a few changes to the deck midway through the video series. I cut down on Young Wolves, Dromoka's Commands and a Sword of Body and Mind in favor of more Huntmaster of the Fells and Birds of Paradise to accelerate into them. The above list is what I play in the second half of the videos and the version I would recommend.

The tribal synergy of the deck revolves around Silverfur Partisan. Whenever you or the opponent targets any of your Wolves (or Werewolves) with an instant or sorcery spell, you make a 2/2 Wolf. With the exception of the mana dorks, all the creatures in the deck count for this ability, including Mutavault. Fiery Justice can kill the opponent's stuff while also pinging your own creatures to trigger the Partisan's ability. Dromoka's Command can target two of your creatures while killing one of theirs. Barkshell Blessing can also target two of our creatures and Blossoming Defense can target our creature while also protecting it from an opposing removal spell, thus generating a pair of doggos out of the exchange.

Garruk Relentless and Huntmaster of the Fells are the other ways we can make more doggos. I started out with Young Wolf and later decided it was much cooler to use mana dorks to accelerate into the powerful four- and five-drop doggos. Wolfir Silverheart is the biggest, fluffiest doggo in Magic and I had to fit him into the deck. Sword of Body and Mind also makes doggos, so I fit one of those in too. It allows the mana dorks to produce dogs when they attack while holding the sword.

The mana base is three colors and so is built around fetches, and also because what dog doesn't love to play fetch? We also have Mutavault since that counts as a doggo for the purposes of Silverfur Partisan. We have Kessig Wolf Run because dogs love dog runs. And we have Gavony Township to pump up all our doggos, especially the tokens if we start to flood out. It's possible we would rather have the second Township instead of the second Mutavult.

Our sideboard is aimed at giving us a better chance against the unfair decks. We have Burrenton Forge-Tender against Burn decks and against Anger of the Gods and Pyroclasm effects. We have Rest in Peace against Dredge, Tarmogoyf, delve, Snapcaster Mage, Storm, and anyone else that tries to do unfair things with the graveyard. We have Stony Silence against Affinity, Tron, Lantern, and Ad Nauseam. We have Basilisk Collar against Burn and against decks with bigger creatures where deathtouch is useful and also because we're a tribal dog deck and dogs wear collars. We also have a fourth Fiery Justice against any of the creature decks such as Affinity, Merfolk, Noble Hierarch decks, Death's Shadow, etc. It's especially good against Death's Shadow since having them gain five life can often alone be enough to kill a Death's Shadow. Keep in mind you can also deal the damage to planeswalkers.

Lastly, we have Gideon's Intervention which is an underrated card in Modern right now. It acts as a Nevermore against combo decks that rely on a particular card and can also be a creature removal-esque card against decks like Death's Shadow. It also prevents Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle from dealing any damage to you or to any of your creatures. It's just an overall solid card in a lot of matchups and an unbeatable bullet in certain combo matchups.

I recommend at least watching the deck tech and the match videos to see me crush some Tier 1 modern decks with Tribal Doggos. And if you like what you see and want to have some fun at FNM, put the deck together and try it out for yourself!

Also for those who prefer cats to dogs, I made a Tribal Cat deck for Modern with videos a few weeks ago that can be found here. The cat deck was made prior to Hour of Devastation, so Adorned Pouncer and Pride Sovereign could likely be added in place of Loam Lion and something else. It might be the coolest thing in the world if these two decks ever squared off against each other! Doggos vs kitties. J

Craig Wescoe