Modern Horizons has really impressed me so far as a Limited format. There are a variety of weird and obscure synergies that you can build decks around. Full disclosure, because of how these videos are scheduled this was only my third draft of Modern Horizons. This means I was still learning about this Limited format, and I certainly made some mistakes, but I also had a ton of fun!

To start off the draft Deep Forest Hermit was a pretty sweet open; I'm happy to see a card very similar to Deranged Hermit from all the way back in Urza's Legacy getting some love. This card is a complete bomb, though that didn't really show in the matches we played. It would have been nice had we ended up with some blink effects to abuse the enters-the-battlefield trigger.

Picking the Deep Forest Hermit first didn't really push us in a particular direction, besides being in the color green. I ended up picking a Dregscape Sliver early, out of an otherwise pretty weak pack. The problem is that the black-green colors don't have that many Slivers in them. Dregscape Sliver is a fine card, but it ended us pulling us in a very weird direction. The deck we ended up with really is not something anyone can go into a draft looking for.

I think I overvalued the Tempered Sliver a little bit, as without evasive Slivers, it was tough to actually get through damage for our Slivers to get counters on them. The nice thing was that we stayed flexible and open, which allowed our deck to play out in a variety of ways. The two copies of Springbloom Druid meant that splashing was quite reasonable. The late Mythics in Wrenn and Six and The First Sliver were unexpected, but gave the deck that extra power boost (also, who doesn't want to play with these cards!)

Initially I didn't maindeck The First Sliver, and I believe that was a mistake. The format is slower than I thought, with plenty of games that stall out. Having a uniquely powerful card like The First Sliver in our deck was important. Also, Springbloom Druid is a great mana fixer as it can find two of the splash colors. The fact that everything came together and we were able to win a match by unearthing a bunch of our Slivers was pretty awesome.

From a gameplay perspective my biggest takeaway from these matches is never forget about ninjutsu. I got blown out a couple times by not fully thinking through what would happen if the opponent had a Ninja in some spots, and that was quite costly. On the flipside had our opponent been thinking about our Fallen Shinobi more we also would have been in trouble. There is a lot going on in Modern Horizons, and I'm excited to get a chance to draft it some more!

Seth Manfield

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