When Magic Origins was first spoiled I got pretty excited about Erebos's Titan. I have a soft spot for large creatures that are or can become invincible and that are able to return from the graveyard at specific points. Resiliency like this is so cool to me and I always want to build around cards that have it. I always want to make it as hard as possible for our opponents to deal with our large threats.

A couple weeks back Ali and I talked about the card on our podcast, Freshly Brewed, and mentioned how it wasn't actually that good, despite being pretty hyped when it was first previewed, and never really saw any play because of it. Unfortunate, but true. It's a black devotion card in a Siege Rhino's world. Triple black is just extremely hard to manage outside of a dedicated black deck, unless you had access to things like Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth or Fetid Heath, and the Titan is only indestructible sometimes. Honestly, like a lot of new rares and mythics that see print nowadays, the Titan requires too much work to get right and offers too little upside for doing so.

A week or so back I found something extremely interesting though: a B/W Smallpox list in Modern that had three - yes, three - copies of Erebos's Titan in it. And the deck went 5-0 in a Modern League on Magic Online! Well, I almost lost it.

You know what else the deck had in it? Myth Realized. In Modern.

Look, just take a look for yourselves. It's kind of amazing.


As I mentioned, Magic Online user ashwojo managed a 5-0 finish with the deck, and undoubtedly faced off against numerous archetypes on the way there. This was basically a control deck with the Smallpox package and a couple of very unique threats. I'm definitely eager to see how the deck works. Let's find out.

B/W Smallpox vs. Heartless Eldrazi

B/W Smallpox vs. Four-Color Midrange

B/W Smallpox vs. Unburial Gifts

B/W Smallpox vs. Restore Balance

So we beat the two attrition/midrange decks and lost against the combo decks. This makes sense since black/white doesn't really have many Counterspells, and we're kind of a dog unless we manage to draw our discard spells at an integral time. Our deck also didn't happen to have any Path to Exiles, which is less than ideal; while the card does run in opposition to our Smallpox plan, outside of Smallpox we don't really have any other land denial in the deck. They would have done well against an Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite we faced.

I don't know what to tell you about Restore Balance. That deck is just weird, and quite honestly it's pretty difficult to fight against. Not a lot of decks pack the necessary tools to do so. Smallpox is also inherently disadvantaged against the deck considering we have maindeck cards like Liliana of the Veil, Smallpox, and tons of removal, all of which are fairly mediocre against the deck. They rarely have a land in play for crying out loud!

Ultimately, I really like the idea of this deck though. Some cards I obviously wasn't thrilled with, like the maindeck Darkblasts. They were rarely useful enough to seem necessary in the maindeck, and I would much rather them be something else. Even a few more one-mana discard spells would be nice. I like being a little close to six than five. There are a lot of unfair things going on out there, and this is a pretty fair deck; it's best to be prepared!

Wrench Mind was also a little weird. I feel like there are far too many Tier 1 decks in the format (Affinity, R/G Tron, etc.) that can very easily pitch an artifact making this so much worse than a third Thoughtseize or fourth Inquisition of Kozilek. Choices like this, and the fact that this deck performed quite well, make me think that the deck could be a real contender with some minor tweaking. Some of the choices are less than optimum, but others are extremely innovative, like Myth Realized, which not only gets pumped by Smallpox, but dodges it as well!

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I'll be back again on Thursday with some more videos, but give me some ideas of what you might like to see. Oath of the Gatewatch comes out this coming weekend, so Standard seems like it would be a bit stale. Be sure to shoot me some suggestions in the comments! Thanks for reading and I'll see ya soon!

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