Modern, you gotta start stepping up your game again! I spent all week looking for this week's deck to play, only to find 16 copies of Wild Nacatl in the Top 4 of Grand prix Porto Alegre. These were not the results I was expecting, but it seems like Wild Nacatl is finally coming into his (her?) own after the unbanning a couple months back.

Thankfully I was able to turn to the Open in Dallas, TX to find this little gem in the Top 16, piloted by Justin Maguire, attempting to exploit Protean Hulk the same way the Hulk Flash deck used to. Well...similarly, at least, thanks to Footsteps of the Goryo.


I'm not a huge fan of the name Hulk Footsteps, but considering the old deck was called Hulk Flash and the card used to exploit Protean Hulk was Flash, and the card used to exploit Protean Hulk here is Footsteps of the Goryo, well...I can't say it doesn't make sense at least.

I'll be honest. I play some crazy cards in these articles, but I never thought I would see the day where a Modern deck (or any Constructed deck, really) played Taigam's Scheming. Truth be told, as far as selective drawing and a way to get cards into the graveyard goes, this is pretty top notch. Put all the creatures you need to into the graveyard, leave all the lands you want to draw. The card disadvantage seems pretty negligible when you're setting yourself up to win the game in a couple of turns.

But don't take my word for it! Let's roll that beautiful bean footage!

Hulk Footsteps vs. Amulet Bloom

Hulk Footsteps vs. R/G Tron

Hulk Footsteps vs. Scapeshift

Hulk Footsteps vs. Treasure Hunt

So, no joke, I think this deck could actually be a contender in this format. I'm not terribly surprised that a deck with a card that has "Goryo" in the title is strong. Kamigawa block, you'll impress us yet!

As you could see from the games, the combo is actually pretty consistent, and it's not that easy to hate out. We didn't face many decks with discard, but there honestly aren't that many being played right now. I imagine if this deck becomes a threat, cards like Slaughter Games or Infinite Obliteration could definitely hamper us some, but even in our match against Tron our opponent was able to play a Relic of Progenitus against us each game and we were still able to fight through them and win.

The worst part about playing the deck on Magic Online is simply the clicking of all of the iterations of the combo. It's definitely possible, especially since the deck tends to "go off" earlier than a deck like Splinter Twin leaving us more time for the combo. There are a couple more clicks per iteration, which makes things take a little longer, but it's still manageable. Ideally our opponents would concede once they see the combo, but as I myself have often stated, I don't really expect anyone to concede on Magic Online in the face of an infinite combo, primarily because the clock and time management are very real things; if I want to play a combo deck that takes time to win with, I have to actually be able to earn a win with it. Luckily we were able to do that eight times and, while our opponents did indeed concede after seeing the combo, we were nowhere near timing out in any of our games.

If you're looking for something new in Modern, I definitely suggest giving this list a try. Not only is it extremely powerful and able to compete with a lot of the top tier decks in the format (as the videos demonstrate), it also puts a lot of otherwise underplayed cards to use the same way decks like Goryo's Vengeance (Nourishing Shoal) and Lantern Control (Lantern of Insight) did. This is one of my favorite things in Modern: seeing new life breathed into older, unplayed cards like Footsteps of the Goryo or Protean Hulk.

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I'll be back again on Thursday with some Standard action and I know we can find something sweet to try out.

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