While I don't have an official right to name the decks I didn't create, when I'm entering decklists into the site I do have to name them something. Often I'll try to name them something descriptive of what they are (Jund Midrange, RW Devotion) rather than give them some sort of obscure, cute name that no one will get (Maverick, Adventures in Rocket Town: The Deck). This makes sure that anyone visiting the site and perusing the decklists is able to identify a deck and a metagame pretty easily at a glance.

For this deck it was a little more difficult, but I had to name it something. Let's take a look at why.


What was I even supposed to call this thing? Norin Chamber? Genesis Sisters? Norin's Sisters? RW Soul Sisters?

Eventually you realize it's simply too hard in some cases to come up with a unique name that a) doesn't sound ridiculous, and b) adequately describes all of the things the deck is trying to do, while still keeping it unique from other similar decks. I decided to harken back to my days of Mortal Kombat and name the deck after a location in Shao Kahn's fortress.

Genesis Chamber combined with Soul Sisters? Soul Chamber.

And viola! We had a name! With that out of the way, let's see what kind of deck we even just ended up naming.

Soul Chamber vs. Merfolk

Soul Chamber vs. BW Tokens

Soul Chamber vs. Pyromancer Loam

Soul Chamber vs. RG Tron

This deck was insane! Like I said in one of the videos, I doubt you could even pilot it very efficiently in real life because there are just so many triggers to keep track of: Ajani's Pridemate, Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant, Genesis Chamber, Norin the Wary, Champion of the Parish, Mentor of the Meek...it gets out of control! I bet you would even time out online if you didn't auto yield to all of the triggers.

Nevertheless those triggers are what actually make the deck tick. They're how we get a ton of Myr Tokens, how we gain a ton of life, how we draw a bunch of cards, how Purphoros, God of the Forge deals a ton of damage, and how guys like Champion of the Parish and Ajani's Pridemate get huge.

One thing the deck might struggle with, as you may have noticed, are the combo matchups. Specifically something like RG Tron or Melira Pod; basically the decks that don't let us interact with them very much. We have some hate in the board (Stony Silence, Supression Field, etc.) but I don't think there's a high enough saturation. I think our sideboard options are spreading themselves too thin and trying to tackle too many things. I think we should focus on what's important and maximize our efforts against certain specific decks rather than having, say, two pieces of hate for every deck. We have Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt in the main deck to deal with things like Splinter Twin. We also have infinite Soul Wardens which make it pretty hard for them to combo off with Deceiver Exarch. If we have two out then they can't combo off with Pestermite either. If we have a Suture Priest in play, then they die if they try to combo out!

We always questioned the one random Hero of Bladehold in the deck. The deck has a staggering seven four mana spells and we're running a mere 21 lands! This was a lot for so few lands. Sure, sometimes Hero of Bladehold would stick and it would be amazing, but more often than not it just had a huge target on its head and got hit by things like Path to Exile that the opponent was holding, since they would rarely want to Path something like a Soul's Attendant. In fact, I think we could even cut down on the number of Purphoros as well. I feel like the cards like Soul's Attendant give us much more game and allow us to "go off" much more frequently than Purphoros ever does, and part of the reason is the casting cost. I would much rather go up to four Soul's Attendant and cut a Purphoros, God of the Forge as well, but there's also another option that I've been considering...

Blasting Station was an alternative option that intrigued me and I couldn't help but wonder why it wasn't in the deck somewhere. Instead of having three four mana Purphoros, God of the Forge in the deck, which are legendary, maybe we could add a copy or two of Blasting Station that only costs three mana and gives us answers to a ton of troublesome creatures. Shooting a Vendilion Clique or an opposing Soul's Warden for the cost of one Myr Token? I don't see how that isn't insane. And once our Genesis Chambers are on full bore, we could end up dealing something like four damage per turn! This seems like it would speed up the deck a ton, and give it a lot of utility that it currently lacks in terms of reusable removal.

While the deck can definitely be weak to thing like Electrolyze and Pyroclasm effects, it definitely has a ton of resiliency and can simply dominate a board with somewhat minimal effort. My one concern is how difficult the deck might be to pilot in real life, since there are a million triggers to account for, and I cannot imagine that at least 25% of them will be overlooked simply because of the quantity of them! Either way, this was another fun deck, so if you get the chance to play it, I highly recommend it.

Well, that's about all I have for today. I'll be back on Friday with my Journey into Nyx sleeper article, but I might do things a little differently this time. We'll see. Thanks for reading and I'll catch ya then!

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