The deck we're going to be looking at today does three very powerful things. Two of them are some of the most powerful things you can do in Modern, and one of them is a strategy that I have been fond of ever since three-mana Swords dominated Standard and Extended formats. Those things are exploiting Splinter Twin, exploiting Blood Moon, and playing a turn two Sword and attacking with it on turn three.

The deck also has one of the coolest names I've ever heard of in Modern, and I'm usually quite picky with which names I like. I don't want to give too much of an introduction, as the deck is like nothing I've seen in Modern up to this point, so I feel like it really speaks for itself.


Magic Online user loststar managed a 3-1 finish with the list in a Magic Online Daily Event, and I'm not really surprised. This is a deck that attacks from a ton of powerful angles, and even if we're not as consistent as a dedicated Splinter Twin deck, being able to cast the combo a turn earlier thanks to mana dorks is a pretty big deal.

Let's see if one of the strongest combos in Modern, along with eight Blood Moon effects is enough to shut down the competition.

Temur Moon-Blade vs. U/G Infect

Temur Moon-Blade vs. Esper Control

Temur Moon-Blade vs. Elves

Temur Moon-Blade vs. Taking Turns

I'm sorry, it still feels awesome casting a Sword of Fire and Ice or a Sword of Feast and Famine on turn two, then attacking with it on turn three. It's just one of the coolest things you can do in my opinion, and the best part is that Birds of Paradise has flying in case the colors you have protection from don't match up to the opposing creatures.

That being said, I do think we're safe to cut down on some of the one-mana creatures. We have an incredible 11 of them. While it's drastic, I think going down to even a more reasonable eight would be fine. Maybe nine. That gives us a little more room for things like removal or Counterspells or whatever. I would even love to add more creatures that are generally awesome with Splinter Twin. Certainly there are some other broken things we can fit into the deck!

By far my least favorite Sword - in this deck at least - was Sword of Light and Shadow. It's pretty rare that we have a creature in the graveyard, and the ones that might be there aren't all that impressive. There was a time I was able to get back a Magus of the Moon to pretty good effect, but I imagine most times we're be getting back a mana dork, especially since Kitchen Finks will often be persisting. Personally I would add another Sword of Feast and Famine, but I do like having the option of Light and Shadow available. Hmm. If only Umezawa's Jitte was legal... It's worth noting that Sword of Fire and Ice is by far my favorite sword, both in this deck and in general.

Pyroclasm was definitely one of the sideboard choices I was least fond of. I never knew how to board it in, or how to play it when I did board it in. You basically have to kill any creature you may have on the board, excluding Deceiver Exarch, in order to use it. It even kills our Magus of the Moon. Do we board out all of our mana dorks? That seems completely unreasonable. There has to be a better card for this slot. Maybe something like Engineered Explosives, since we have access to basically every color of mana and we don't have anything that costs two-mana in our deck.

I almost felt like the Pyroclasm was meant as an answer to Affinity, and if that's the case, I do actually think we could use more artifact and enchantment removal. Considering we're trying to combo out anyway, dealing all 20 points in one turn, I'm not really a big fan of Destructive Revelry. I'd rather have a card that's easier on the mana or more powerful, like Shatterstorm or Creeping Corrosion, as I feel the two damage will rarely be relevant. We can also cast them as early as turn three, which is great. Choke is also fantastic against decks with a ton of Islands, but it might simply be Blood Moon number nine.

This deck was awesome. Though I think it can use a few serious tweaks, which may give it a ton more versatility, I think it's an incredible starting point for a new archetype. I don't think many decks can fight both Twin and Blood Moon at the same time, while also preventing hits from Swords on turn three.

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I'll be back again on Thursday with some Standard action, on Thanksgiving no less! Thanks for reading and I'll see ya soon!

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