Welcome back! Boy, it feels like forever since we've heard one another's voices! Well, to be fair, I don't really get to hear your voices, but I can imagineā€¦

It's been a long, frustrating road trying to get internet to my house in Washington, but we've finally reached the promised land. Just in time for Modern Monday! I'm even going to start streaming regularly this week with Magic on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Hearthstone on Tuesday and Thursday on my TwitchTV page!

While most of this week is going to be about Standard and Fate Reforged, I figured you guys wouldn't mind if I slipped some Modern videos into the equation, especially since it's been so long since we've seen one another.

The deck we're battling with today is like the long lost brother of Monogreen Devotion, only without the Wistful Selkies and Burning-Tree Emissarys that devotion relies on. This time we're focusing on one particular card that has combo potential written all over it: Tooth and Nail! I bet you guys had no idea based on the article title.

This is the list we'll be battling with today.


Usually I remember exactly where the list I'm playing came from, but this time I'm not actually sure. I tried Googling it as well and nothing I found looks like something I've encountered to bring this list to my attention. All I know is that I listed it as "MOD KTK" which means it was a deck that I found while Khans of Tarkir was legal and that I have no idea where it came from. So if you guys know whose list this is or if you were the one that sent it to me, let me know so I can give you credit!

That being said, let's play some Magic!

Tooth and Nail vs. UR Delver

Tooth and Nail vs. Amulet of Vigor

Tooth and Nail vs. Temur Twin

Tooth and Nail vs. Jeskai Pyromancer

Boom! 4-0! That's a way to make a return. I can't believe it's been about a month since I've actually fired up Magic Online and battle. This deck was super fun. I just wish I remembered how I got it. Like I said, if you guys have any idea or if you were the one who sent it to me, let me know in the comments.

Despite going 4-0, there were some decisions I wasn't completely sold on. The deck is streamlined almost to a fault. Our mana base is a very simple 22 Forests and it makes me wonder why we don't have a couple other nonbasics in there as well, especially with Primeval Titan. I basically never wanted to search out the Primeval Titan because his ability was pretty boring in this deck. No Kessig Wolf Run, no Khalni Garden, no nothing! I don't think adding a few of these silver bullet lands would actually hurt very much, though we do want a high concentration of Forests for things like Utopia Sprawl and Arbor Elf.

One thing I think we could definitely benefit from is Boseiju, Who Shelters All. This was the go-to land for combo decks back in the day, specifically cards like Tooth and Nail or Enduring Ideal. When your end game is to cast one single spell and not have it get countered Boseiju does a pretty solid job of that.

Another card we don't lose much from adding is Stomping Ground. It basically gives us a way to cast our Xenagos, God of Revels without having to name red with (or draw) our Utopia Sprawl. While this doesn't come up that often, we could also add one Kessig Wolf Run as I mentioned earlier, and make searching out our single Primeval Titan a lot more compelling. As it stands I never really wanted to grab him with my Primal Command because I never needed two Forests.

Speaking of which, it would be nice to have a Tooth and Nail Backup Plan. While you may not need it, it also provides additional targets for you to search out with Primal Command in case you ever want to not search out an Eternal Witness. This rarely happened of course, but I could definitely see it happening. I told Melissa I was playing Tooth and Nail and I told her to guess my targets. She goes, "Triskelion and Mephidross Vampire!" Funny thing is that was going to be my joke answer! But seriously, I'm not sure if those two are still as powerful a combination as they used to be, but you can see the kinds of options we have with both Tooth and Nail and Primal Command. I think even something like a Reclamation Sage or a Thragtusk would be great. Just some things to consider going forward.

My biggest problem with the deck while playing it was that I felt pretty dead to combo decks. If Splinter Twin managed to go off on me, or if I played against something like Scapeshift, I'm not sure if I could have actually done anything. Luckily this didn't come into play but things like Nature's Claim, Krosan Grip, and Ghost Quarter in the sideboard would have helped (respectively).

Later this week I'll be back with my Top 10 sleepers for Fate Reforged so be sure not to miss it! Also, as I mentioned, this week begins my journey into regular streaming. Make sure not to miss it and follow me over at my TwitchTV page for all the updates. Thanks for reading and I'll see ya then!

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