I've sure got a spicy one for you today! Mono-Black Aggro was one of Team Genesis's leading deck choices leading up to Pro Tour Ixalan. It wasn't until the Tuesday before the event that I finally decided to play Sultai Energy. I'm not going to sit here, and tell you I was disappointed with my deck choice after my team's results – as a whole we had four people that went 8-2 or better, including myself. We also had a man by the name of Seth Manfield find some mild success with the deck as well. Spoiler alert, in case you have been living under a rock, Seth won the Pro Tour with Sultai Energy. While I think that our deck was amazing, Seth and I still had a huge struggle not pulling the trigger on Mono-Black Aggro. Both of us were very high on the deck until Brad Nelson took us… hostage. Enough about the past! We all have Grand Prix's to win, and I think Mono-Black Aggro is the perfect sleeper for the job.

Let's get to the matchups – we'll start with public enemy number one. I am not going to try and fool you saying this matchup is insanely good for us, because it just can't be. Temur Energy is the boogeyman of the format for a good reason; it really just has game against everything you can throw at it. While it may have game against everything, it also has the biggest target on its back as well, and the matchup is extremely winnable. It gets very difficult depending on the number of Abrades your opponent has as Heart of Kiran is the best card in your deck against them. Well it's the best card in your deck against everything. If you can establish a board presence before your Temur opponent starts slamming Glorybringer, you should be okay.

The Ramunap Red matchup is actually the reason I finally made my decision to switch to Sultai Energy. I'm not saying that it's a trainwreck matchup or anything, but it is a true coinflip. It's a matchup that is very much dependent on who goes first. This is not my go-to feature when looking for a Standard deck that can carry me to the single-elimination rounds. I know I'm going to be running into the red menace at least once a tournament and would like to have a great plan against them, but Mono-Black Aggro just doesn't have the tools to gain a huge advantage.

Onto the control matchups. If you are in the market of destroying your opponents in two lightning fast games of Magic that don't feel fair in the slightest way possible, then look no further. With the combination of having early creatures that draw you cards, evasive vehicles that don't die to "Wrath of God effects," or the devastating amount of hand disruption; all combine for a seriously easy matchup. I hope you all enjoy playing this deck as much as I do. Feel free to ask me any questions, I love hearing from friends!

- Corey Baumeister