Welcome to the beautiful new Standard format where there are mono-colored decks of different varieties, and one of the best is actually mono-green. The addition of Llanowar Elves and Steal Leaf Champion are a huge boost to this strategy, as getting out Steal Leaf Champion on the second turn is an extremely powerful play. The list I have been playing is pretty much what has been crushing it on Magic Online, so why mess with success?

The explosive draws powered out by Llanowar Elves makes life tough for opponents, even opposing aggro decks. We saw how the deck has bigger threats than Mono-Red Aggro and can simply go over the top and there are also ways to gain life, though the matchup is pretty close overall. While we are a mono-green deck there are flyers in the form of vehicles, which are quite important.

Lyra Dawnbringer, for instance, is one of the scarier cards that can take over game. However, this deck does have access to Ghalta, Primal Hunger which in many ways is the ultimate trump in midrange fights. We were able to run through the various green midrange decks with relative ease. Vehicles was tough, but we were able to dodge Unlicensed Disintegration when we needed to.

I'm not sure that Mono-Green Aggro will dethrone red for the top aggro color in the format, but it is clearly a very real deck and not going anywhere anytime soon. This league felt fairly easy because we didn't run into cards like Fumigate that can be pretty rough. However, the sideboard does allow for us to transform into a grindier deck so a deck like White-Blue Control isn't as difficult as you might think.

Some versions of this archetype do have Rhonas's Monument, but I don't think it is necessary. The three-drop slot is so contested, and if we play the Monument the vehicle plan gets much worse. Beyond that, the Monument is not a good topdeck later in games, so I wouldn't recommend that version. Even against the more difficult matchups like the control decks, we can have aggressive starts and those decks don't have as consistent a mana base as this deck does. It came as no surprise during the matches that opponents were getting color screwed while we were not.

Mono-colored aggressive decks are some of the strongest choices right now in this Standard format due to a combination of power and consistency, as the cycle of triple-colored rare creatures in Dominaria is already making a significant impact. Once there is less removal played, then Ghalta, Primal Hunger becomes simply absurd and we saw that in this set of matches.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield