I've been playing a lot of Mono-Red Aggro lately. It's been doing really well—we saw it put up good results at a recent Open, and then also at the Mythic Invitational. I like it in both best-of-one and best-of-three right now. That being said, there are various lifegain effects that can be pretty annoying to fight through. I was pretty surprised how often Lyra Dawnbringer appeared on our opponent's side of the board in this set of matches. Here is the list I'm playing:

This is one of the most cookie-cutter decks I've ever played. Running exactly 20 lands and four copies of every other card in the maindeck is about as straightforward as it gets. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise though for a monocolored aggro deck. In fact, Mono-White Aggro is very similar. The sideboard does allow us to go a bit bigger if we want to. Treasure Map means we're willing to play a longer game, which adds another dimension to the deck.

We ran into some pretty awkward spots in these games. Sometimes we beat Lyra, other times we were stuck with a Banefire that couldn't be properly cast. These things happen. I will say that we mulliganed a lot in these games—I was pretty surprised by that. Personally, having played over 1000 games with this deck, it felt like our draws were a bit below average. Don't get overly discouraged by a small sample size. I don't think having a small green splash would have made a difference here, though I understand there are benefits to running Collision // Colossus and Cindervines.

For the aggressive red mages out there: I have really enjoyed playing this deck, and recommend this list. Please play four copies of Light Up the Stage, it is one of the key cards in the deck. Sometimes Experimental Frenzy feels absolutely disgusting, other times you die with it in your hand. I love the card though, as it provides such an absurd amount of card advantage over the course of multiple turns. Mono-Red is a great choice if you expect a metagame with decks like Mono-Blue Aggro, Mono-White Aggro, and Temur Reclamation.

Seth Manfield

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