Dominaria has provided many different angles for existing decks to take within the new Standard format. With reprints and powerful printings galore, there is certainly room for some decks to ascend to the next level. Over the last year, we've seen a multitude of various Pharaoh's Gift decks put up results. Dominaria has given us the ability to play what I would have thought to be one of the more unlikely versions of Gift, in Mono-Red. With the Goblin Chainwhirer / Benalish Marshal cycle, we have a push for potentially mono-colored strategies that Standard hasn't seen in a while. Mix that in with some cards printed in the early 2000s, Skirk Prospector and Siege-Gang Commander, now we're building with some seriously powerful stuff.

Skirk Prospector is a notorious powerhouse for various creature-based combo decks. Timeless Fecundity strategies, and one of my favorite Standard decks of all time, Goblin Bidding, have used Prospector to great effect. Skirk Prospector has proven to be a busted card… When you have a ton of awesome goblins. Unfortunately in Standard, there aren't that many playable goblins floating around, but we do have what could be Skirk Prospector's new best friend: Gate to the Afterlife. Skirk Prospector allows you to set up a burst of Gate to the Afterlife triggers while giving you some mana. Alongside Walking Ballista, it creates windows in which you can easily and rapidly get six creatures in your graveyard. It also allows you to potentially ramp out a hardcast God-Pharaoh's Gift, which Gate to the Afterlife decks can't normally do. Siege-Gang and Chainwhirler are excellent for shutting down other creature decks while providing some overall goblin synergy.

Recently we have seen much more Combat Celebrant as the combo piece of choice for Gift decks. It has supplanted Angel of Invention as the go-to finisher for various Gift decks. It's much more likely to achieve outright kills than Angel, not allowing your opponent time to answer GPG or sweep the battlefield. Rowdy Crew is the biggest surprise when it comes to old Standard cards that found a new home with Dominaria. When you're Mono-Red, you don't have that many options that for maintaining a high Creature Count and being able to keep your graveyard full. Rowdy Crew is more than a filler card hear, as it not only enables Gate, but it is an excellent GPG target when you're graveyard is thin. It's not quite Champion of Wits, but it's doing the best impression it can.

One of the reasons this deck is successful is its ability to win fair games. While this deck is certainly more of a pile than a well-oiled midrange deck, I've found success with Siege-Gang, Chandra, Glorybringer, and Rowdy Crew late-game plans. The fact that at any point a Gift or Gate might win you the game means that drawn out games are not unwinnable for Mono-Red GPG. Hazoret the Fervent has been destroying games of Standard in recent times. While it's not optimized in this deck, it provides additional angles of attack to make it hard for your opponent to interact profitably with all aspects of your deck. Bizarrely, this is the only deck I've played that is often an aggro deck, combo deck, and midrange deck depending on your draw or matchup.