Everybody can't stop talking about Dragons of Legend. The set's been out for several weeks now and we're all still uncovering new ways to use and abuse all the incredible stuff jam-packed into the 51-card set. Even with Primal Origin now released, I still have several different DRLG decks on my bucket list and today I'm going to check another one off.

The Galaxy archetype has fascinated me since the release of Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon back in 2012's Photon Galaxy. The 3000 ATK Level 8 beater is essentially Blue-Eyes White Dragon if Blue-Eyes White Dragon decided to grow up and become a badass space cowboy. The card's spent its entire existence as an underdog despite the fact that its effect has remained useful throughout numerous format changes; it's got lots of different applications, and of course works especially well against Xyz.

I think it's safe to say that Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon continues to see very little play because people just don't know HOW to use it. Without any built-in effects that ease the burden of getting it into play, Galaxy-Eyes can be a tough cookie to crack. It's been at least a decade since Tribute Summoning a Level 8 monster has been competitively viable, let alone respectable. So what's a duelist to do these days?

Well, that's where Dragon of Legends and Primal Origin come into the equation. Some players have gotten hip to the fact that Konami has released an entire theme centered on Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and that they've been steadily feeding it for quite some time now. However, the Galaxy and Photon suites aren't anywhere close to the pre-fab assemblies many other strategies have been in the past: they're not easy to figure out, and that can leave a player out in the cold. On the other hand, many of us warm to the idea of discovery and innovation, and with necessity being the mother of invention, here at MBFYB we've got to be clever about what we're doing if we're going to stick to our budget! Here's the build I've settled on at the moment:

DECKID=100288When it comes to deck building, one of the biggest challenges you can face is shaving off all of the excess fat. Normally, any given archetype will contain a certain number of good cards and a number of bad cards, but seeing as the Galaxy and Photon themes are two sides of the same coin you have twice as many cards to sift through. What makes it even harder is the fact that you can take several different routes to achieving the same goal – it's just a matter of choosing the best lane on a highway full of good ones. Up until very recently, building a Galaxy deck has been a varied affair. When the bulk of the theme was released in the 2013 Zexal Collection Tin your options were relatively thin; the body was definitely there but you didn't have many outfits to dress it up in.

The next notable addition to the Galaxy/Photon theme, Starliege Lord Galaxion, came out in Judgment of the Light. Its ability to pull Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon out of the deck or graveyard with relative ease was enough to stand up for, but its two Level 4 Photon monster requirement was a bit of a downer. By that time, the number of useful Galaxy monsters far outweighed the valable Photon monsters in the strategy. The most recent boon to the Galaxy strategy came in the nostalgic form of Paladin of Photon Dragon from Legacy of the Valiant. A big homage to Kaiba's Paladin of White Dragon, this Level 4 Ritual Monster gave the player base an exciting and intriguing new avenue to explore.

But now, three cards have changed everything.

You Got It, Boss!
Everything comes back to Orbital 7… sort of. Dragons of Legend gave every duelist's favorite robot the companion it always needed in the form of Lillybot, and in turn also gave the Galaxy theme the consistency it's never had. Lillybot has a lot going for it all on its own. It's a 500 ATK Machine, which means you can use it with Machine Duplication for instant access to Gear Gigant X and, with its Light attribute, Starliege Paladynamo. Add in its actual effects, and things start to get really crazy. First off, when it's Normal Summoned or flipped face-up Lillybot can Special Summon an Orbital 7 from your graveyard in either face-up attack position or face-down defense position – giving you access to both of Orbital 7's effects as well as a built-in Rank 4 toolbox.

If that wasn't enough, Lillybot fixes one giant glaring hole in the Galaxy strategy. For all of the different ways you have to Special Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, you don't really have a consistently effective way of Special Summoning it from your hand. In fact, the best cards in this deck usually help you to avoid having Galaxy-Eyes in your hand at all costs, but do little to help once you've had the Misfortune of drawing into it. Even despite the relatively large number of Level 8's this deck runs, you'd need to consider running Trade-In for Galaxy-Eyes alone. Lillybot fixes that. Once per turn, you can Tribute any number of Machine you control to Special Summon that many Photon or Galaxy monsters from your hand. Voila! Problem solved.


On the surface, it sounds just like an over-glorified Double Summon but it's better than that. You have to take into consideration the fact that you'll first have Special Summoned an Orbital 7 from your graveyard to the field, which means that if you Tribute off the machine-type Orbital 7 you just brought back you'll be Summoning Galaxy-Eyes as a 1-for-1. Not bad at all. But if you Tribute off Lillybot instead, and then use Orbital 7's effect to add a Photon or Galaxy monster from your graveyard to your hand you'll still end up with the +1 overall, and a 3000 ATK beater to boot.

Reversing that sequence actually makes Lillybot the best topdeck in the world. You can Special Summon Orbital 7 and then Tribute it off to bring a fallen Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon to your hand only to bring it to the field with Lillybot afterwards. Essentially, you'll Normal Summon a giant problem for your opponent. It's just so cool.

Get It On!
With all of these Level 8 monsters floating around, you better believe that you're going to be cranking out Rank 8's like crazy. Galaxy Knight literally exists for that sole purpose and with Primal Origin it's finally justified. Galaxy Knight gained a new best friend in the form of Galaxy Tyranno. This Level 8 space Dinosaur is a hand trap and Xyz Summon rolled into one.

Whereas Galaxy Knight works to create pressure preemptively, by making powerful Rank 8's during your turn, our sneaky dinosaur is far less chivalrous because it doesn't have to be – it's not a knight, it's a dinosaur! So the big, stubby-armed jerk surprises your opponent by Special Summoning itself to the field when they declare an attack on a Galaxy monster you control. The kicker is that immediately afterwards, Tyranno allows you to Xyz Summon a Galaxy Xyz Monster using Galaxy monsters you control. Phew! Lots galaxy! Galaxy everywhere. And since you're already being pretty sneak-tastic, you might as well go for the big guns too.

Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon is the Rank 8 everybody's been waiting for. I can barely win a duel with this guy – everyone enters scoop phase before I get a chance to swing with it. It's sucks so gloriously. Why? Well, first off it's a 4000 ATK behemoth that will always swing at your opponent with at least 5600 ATK due to its ability.

On top of that, if you have Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon as an Xyz Material (which you probably will), then you can bring Prime Photon Dragon back to the field two Standby Phases after it was destroyed with 8000 ATK. And I promise you that that's not a typo. You are in fact dueling with the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Yu-Gi-Oh! and yeah, the Empire is totally screwed.

Alright, Buck. Where's The Bang?
This one hits the $100 mark pretty hard. We're still so early into the lifespan of Primal Origins that prices are rising and falling like the tide. Number 62 is your big culprit here. It stops you from having much wiggle room to add more stuff into the fold. But it's soooooo worth it.

Have you had a chance to watch your opponent just cry over that thing yet? Share your best sob stories in the comments section below!

-Zach Buckley

Team Nofatchx