I'm an unashamedly passionate Dino Rabbit fanboy. I've loved the deck since day one and I've continued to love it long past its competitive expiration date. And by competitive expiration date, I do mean the Limiting of Rescue Rabbit – which happens to be my all-time favorite card. Consider this week to be a labor of love for sure. Whenever I find a reason to talk about Dino Rabbit, I take it.

But don't misunderstand! There's more potential here at the moment than there's been in a long time. Much of that has to do with the promo card for the brand-spankin' new Dimension of Chaos, Samurai Cavalry of Reptier. This 1800 ATK beater's something that I've been waiting on for a long time: a Level 4 Dinosaur Pendulum monster! The Evolzars are some of the strongest Xyz in the game and having a way to store material for them in your Extra Deck is an incredibly tantalizing thought. With a Dinosaur Pendulum loaded and ready to go, drawing into a Sabersaurus or a Kabazauls is no longer a worthless dead draw, if only for the fact that with a complete Pendulum scale you can just Pendulum Summon another Xyz material - whether it be Samurai Cavalry of Reptier for an Evolzar or any of your other Pendulum monsters to make a generic Rank 4.

But, Wait! There's More!
That's right! If Sky Cavalry of Reptier was just another Level 4 vanilla Pendulum then writing this article might not have been worthwhile. What makes the whole thing is Samurai Cavalry's incredible effect. At the start of the damage step, if Samurai Cavalry of Reptier attacks an opponent's face-up monster that isn't a Pendulum monster, you can destroy it. Essentially, Samurai Cavalry's a better Ally of Justice Catastor; it'll destroy every monster that you'll run across. I feel like I just witnessed the birth of really powerful Pendulum tech card.

While Samurai Cavalry's effect won't trigger when it's attacked, that generally won't matter. That's not its purpose. Instead, it's an effective, aggressive problem solver; something every past iteration of Pendulum Dino Rabbit has lacked. With cards like Moon Mirror Shield and Forbidden Lance, your Dinos can get over quite a lot of what they'd face in any given battle, but they can't answer absolutely every threat and that's what makes Samurai Cavalry such a powerful tool in your arsenal.

So let's take a look at the deck and then pick up the conversation after that…

DECKID=103773A quick aside, if I may? If you've kept up with reading your Normal Pendulums' flavor text, then you'll know that the Kingdom of Reptier is a bitter enemy of the Draconia Empire. I find it humorous that they happen to work so well together here in a common setting.

So if you haven't seen any of my previous Pendulum Dino Rabbit builds, let me catch you up to speed on the basic concept. The idea is to abuse the powers of the Normal Pendulum monsters to fill the massive void left by Rescue Rabbit, which rendered the strategy for all intents and purposes dead. However, with each subsequent release of cool Normal Pendulum monsters, the deck's growing closer and closer to surpassing the very strategy it tries to emulate.

If anything, the strategy as it exists now makes better use of the actual Normal Monsters it's forced to play. In Dino Rabbit, Sabersaurus and Kabazauls were merely Xyz Materials for the Evolzars and their usefulness didn't really extend far past that. They were usually groan-worthy topdecks and had to be protected pretty rigorously off a Normal Summon.

The advent of the Normal Pendulum monsters did more to give your vanillas actual purpose. Dragoons of Draconia and Dragoons of Draconia' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=Sky Dragoons of Draconia">Sky Dragoons of Draconia are sort of Reinforcements to your Normal Monsters. When one of your Normals deals battle damage to your opponent, Dragoons of Draconia' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=Sky Dragoons of Draconia">Sky Dragoons of Draconia – with a Pendulum Scale of 7 – targets and destroys one card on the field. Dragoons of Draconia, seated at the other side at Scale 2, searches a Normal Monster from your deck whenever a vanilla destroys an opponent's monster and sends it to the graveyard. Those two create your most powerful Scale that can turn a Sabersaurus into a venerable wrecking crew – especially if you happen to have Moon Mirror Shield attached to that badboy.

Moon Mirror Shield's easily one of my favorite cards from the past year. It boosts your monster's ATK to the attack of whatever it's battling +100, effectively guaranteeing that your vanillas will always win. Furthermore, whenever Moon Mirror Shield's sent face-up from the field to the graveyard, you can pay 500 Life points to return it to either the top or the bottom of your deck. Depending on your set-up, you'll never be without it. Equipping Moon Mirror Shield to Samurai Cavalry of Reptier's probably the most dangerous situation you could place your opponent in, in terms of sheer attack power. You make it virtually impossible to approach in battle.

An Excellent Supporting Cast
The excellent Pendulum support cards help to invigorate the strategy even more. Pot of Riches is invaluable here since it retrieves any Pendulum Monsters you've used as for Xyz throughout the duel. Thankfully, ever since its reprint in the 2015 Mega Tins, Pot of Riches has been decidedly affordable. Rescue Hamster's great in this deck too. In a sense, it sort of serves as your second Rescue Rabbit. However, its ability to add a pair of Pendulum monsters from your Extra Deck to your hand is remarkably valuable in and of itself.

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The brand new Grand Horn of Heaven's great for this deck as well. In many ways, it serves the same purpose as Evolzar Laggia and frees you up to Special Summon Evolzar Dolkka or any other Xyz. Not to mention the fact that it also shuts down Pendulum Summons. When you take that into account, the fact that your opponent will draw a card off it isn't that big of deal. If anything, it may very well turn into a huge plus for you if they have to ditch a fistful of Pendulum monsters.

It's also worth noting Elder Entity Norden's also been released since the last time I wrote about Dino Rabbit, and just like any Rank 4 strategy, its makes a huge contribution. It can build a powerful field quickly, effectively, and can pull a fallen Dino to the field for an Evolzar as well. Instant Fusion also helps you make powerhouse Rank 4's that need three Xyz Materials – stuff like Evilswarm Ouroborous and Tellarknight Ptolamaeus.

Alright, Buck! Where's The Bang!?
This one's pretty affordable at about $80. You're obviously running a lot of Normal Monsters and that means remarkably cheap card prices. As underrated as those cards are, it's still a great deck right now and could easily rock your locals or get you your invite a Regional Qualifier with the right Side Deck.

There's a lot of power behind your little prehistoric monsters and you'll often catch your opponent off guard. I don't think many people will anticipate this deck right now since it isn't 2012. Surprise is a big advantage.

-Zach Buckley

Zach is husband to his beloved wife, Emma. He's also a composer who's studying composition and production formally in an attempt to be both happy and poor. You can follow his progress on these goals by checking out his sporadically updated blog at www.wordpress.com/zwbuckleymusic