Sometimes all it takes for me to get behind an entire theme is just one really convincing monster. Aromage Jasmine roped me into Aromages as a whole and I featured the deck last month as a result. Today's article is a similar story. Prediction Princess Coinorma was all I needed to get excited about the Prediction Princesses. It's just way too cool. Flip Summoning has always been such a unique mechanic in my mind, and it's always seemed underexplored.

In the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh! Flip Effect Monsters played a much larger role. Monsters like Man-Eater Bug and Old Vindictive Magician used to carry some legitimate weight, but as far as today's game is concerned, that really isn't the case. Flip Effects are now considered too slow to be effective. You have to set the monster and then wait a turn before you can even trigger its effect. In the current landscape that's just not fast enough.

An Exception To The Rule.
Shaddolls were the first Flip Effect Monsters in a long time that really contributed to mainstream competition. In fact, the deck's recent dismantling at the hands of the Forbidden & Limited List is proof of its potency... With El Shaddoll Construct out of the picture and El Shaddoll Fusion Limited, Shaddolls aren't as fierce as they were nor are they set up to dominate the emerging competitive landscape – a move that I'm sure Konami made intentionally. However, it's worth noting that the F&L List doesn't guarantee that Shaddolls will be down and out. El Shaddoll Winda's still a powerhouse of a Fusion and El Shaddoll Shekhinaga can shut your opponent out of the game with ruthless expediency. Still, the deck needs a little help.

…That's where the Prediction Princesses come into play. Right now, as far as I'm concerned, the rest of the Prediction Princess theme includes the Ritual Monster, Prediction Princess Tarotrei, and the spell to Summon it, Prediction Ritual. The rest of the Princesses are just okay at best.

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The idea of forcing all of your opponent's monsters into irreversible defense position with Prediction Princess Petalelf is endearing, and destroying them all with Prediction Princess Astromorrigan afterwards is tantalizing, but seems like a pipedream at best. The kind of effort and set-up required to pull off that combo is quicker and easier to achieve with Raigeki.

As for Prediction Princesses Crystaldine and Arrowsylph? Well, I think Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands does both of their jobs better than they ever could. So there's that.

Bringing It All Together
Pairing Shaddolls and Prediction Princesses together is arguably more than enough, but the deck's missing the one piece that will make it gel together. Prediction Princess Tarotrei being an incredibly awkward Level 9 doesn't help. Ritual Summoning it is going to eat up your hand, and while it triggers all of your Shaddoll effects, it just isn't the best play for many scenarios. That's where Pot of The Forbidden comes in.

Pot of the Forbidden – previously fanlated as Pot of Taboos – is a 2000 ATK 3000 DEF Level 9 that features the effects of four of the most powerful cards ever printed: Forceful Sentry, Pot of Greed, Giant Trunade, and Raigeki. When it's flipped face-up, you can activate any one of those effects. Each one is powerful enough to swing any number of scenarios in your favor, and flat out, Pot of The Forbidden wins you games. It clears fields in unimaginable ways and can alter entire hands.

I wonder if making Pot of The Forbidden a Level 9 monster that happens to match Tarotrei was a conscious attempt at balancing it? It must've been intended for this deck alone. It's pretty much a Prediction Princess card. It could've been called "Prediction Princess Naughty Pot" and it probably would've made more sense; right now, no other deck can use it . Prediction Princess, on the other hand, was made for Naughty Pot.

The obvious application is making Prediction Princess Coinorma far more devious than it seems. Opening with Coinorma – or, really, drawing it any point of the game now – is a great moment because it sets your opponent up for a most unpleasant surprise. Coinorma gets Pot of The Forbidden onto the field without giving your opponent any idea of what's in store. It creates an unfavorable situation for your opponent where they have no way of reacting to Pot of The Forbidden other than by taking whatever you throw at them, since they'll often be attacking into it unknowingly.

The second great application for Pot of The Forbidden is Prediction Princess Tarotei. By being a Level 9– and therefore the whole Tribute for Tarotrei's Ritual Summon – it stops you from taking the huge minus that would be necessary otherwise. If you can keep Prediction Princess Tarotei around long enough to activate its effect in the End Phase and Special Summon the Pot from your graveyard, then you can turn what would've been a hard -2 from the Ritual Summon into pluses.

Special Summoning Pot of The Forbidden from the graveyard takes your Ritual Summon from a -2 to a -1. Then on your following turn, you can banish Prediction Ritual from your graveyard to search a Prediction Princess from your deck to even out your initial investment. What makes it really special is when Pot of The Forbidden finally gets flipped face-up. When that happens, card economy swings heavily into your favor. If your opponent's sitting on a loaded field, you could drop them -5 with one monster on their own turn. Pot of The Forbidden was really the card needed to put Prediction Princess on the map.

Let me show you the deck, and then I'll talk about how it all works from there…

DECKID=103791It's worth noting that Pot of The Forbidden doesn't benefit the Prediction Princesses exclusively. In fact, adding Shaddolls to the equation actually does quite a bit for the strategy as a whole. Pot of The Forbidden has some advantages when it comes to being a Level 9 monster, mainly scenarios where you can pull off big Extra Deck Summons that normally wouldn't be possible without a heavy loss of cards.

Once Pot of The Forbidden gets flipped it's nothing more than a wall. It does so well at sticking around that you'll often find yourself with more than one on the field. This is the first deck I've ever played where I could make Rank 9 Xyz without having to resort to some flashy combos. You just end up having the monsters hanging around to Xyz Summon Number 9: Dyson Sphere and Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir.

Pot of the Forbidden happens to Shaddoll Falco's best friend, too, since you can Tune them together for Star Eater. In fact, going ham with a 3200 ATK beater that your opponent can't stop is a great play after you wipe their monsters or their backrow. On its own, Star Eater takes nearly half of your opponent's Life Points. If you have anything else on board, it could be fatal.

Lastly, Pot of The Forbidden's great Fusion fodder for El Shaddoll Shekhinaga. Another 3000 DEF wall, Shekhinaga has an incredible effect that shuts down the abilities of your opponent's Special Summoned monsters while also triggering your Shaddoll effects. It's a strong piece of defense and when you pair it with Prediction Princess Tarotei and you can practically ride the game out with their antics.

Alright, Buck! Where's The Bang!?
This one will set you back around $90. When you take into account Shaddolls' recent fall from grace and the fact that nobody's really playing Prediction Princesses right now, you've got an opportunity to pick up a good deck while it's remarkably cheap.

It's worth getting in on! You know you want to play with the Naughty Pot.

-Zach Buckley

Zach is husband to his beloved wife, Emma. He's also a composer who's studying composition and production formally in an attempt to be both happy and poor. You can follow his progress on these goals by checking out his sporadically updated blog at